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Ebru Is a Fearless Pioneer

Senior Knowledge Analyst, Istanbul

At BCG, Pioneers have the courage to take action on unique insights. They share and activate ideas that enable our clients to gain the competitive edge. Ebru is unafraid to try new things.

Working at a truly global company supports my growth and success in business and provides valuable experience by collaborating with successful professionals of different backgrounds.


In Ebru's Words

I studied engineering and management during my university years. At BCG, I have had the chance to widen my areas of exposure. I have been involved in various projects covering a wide range of industries and geographies, worked with multinational case teams, and gained a true global business perspective.

I have provided case teams with extensive country and industry assessments and helped them make market entry decisions and set internationalization strategies for local and multinational clients. My analysis constitutes the basis for case team analysis.

About Ebru

Ebru holds a dual MSc and BSc degree in management and materials science and engineering from Sabancı University, Istanbul. Ebru also completed part of her graduate studies at the London School of Economics and undergraduate studies at École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Metiers in Paris. She speaks Turkish, French, and English fluently.


Q: What is a typical day like for you?

A: I spend most of my days at the office supporting case teams all around the world and discovering new markets and industries with them. I may be working on the energy industry with an Indonesian colleague, the online retail sector with an American case team, the tourism industry with a Moroccan friend, and more. This range of work widens my perspective and adds a lot to my professional development. I am currently working on a go-to-market framework with Indian and Hungarian colleagues, led by a India-based senior partner.

Q: What international experiences at BCG have been the most interesting for you?

A: In the winter of 2016, I worked with an associate from the Tokyo office on the Turkish energy market. We had daily calls to discuss the findings and the progress made. Once the initial deck was prepared, we conducted an expert interview with the former president and CEO of a multinational energy company. My findings, suggestions, and insights were fully aligned with what the expert expressed and the client was impressed by the knowledge we provided about the Turkish market. This satisfaction is priceless.

Q: What inspires you about BCG?

A: I’m inspired most by how BCG contributes to individual development while the nature of the business dictates hard work, perfectionism, and a competitive culture. While delivering high-quality outputs in considerably short time periods, BCG offers a very friendly working environment and helps individuals to become international leaders. I think BCG, very successfully, stands at the intersection of teamwork, competitiveness, and personal development.

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