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Emmanuel is a Curious Storyteller

Managing Director & Senior Partner, Paris

At BCG, Storytellers synthesize complex information and ideas. They believe in bringing the whole team together to get a broader perspective. Emmanuel goes deep to understand challenges.

At BCG, you very soon do things you never imagined you would be able to do.


In Emmanuel’s Words

After I started my career in the public sector, I wanted to take up a new challenge by joining BCG in 2000. I was very quickly struck with the strengths of this renowned international strategy consulting firm. I was also very quickly convinced that I could chart my own course there.

The work environment is based on cooperation, a key BCG value. If I request help, I get it, even from an office on the other side of the world. And, quite naturally, when my help is solicited, they can count on me. At BCG, we know that exchanging ideas, confronting opinions stemming from different types of expertise, and developing a solution together enables us to discover new opportunities and make progress.

Innovation is extremely important at BCG. The will to go further and reinvent ourselves feeds on our deep knowledge of business challenges and transformation issues. That open and rigorous approach enables us to support our clients who, more than ever, face complex issues associated with globalization and the digital phenomenon.

About Emmanuel

Emmanuel is a senior Partner and Managing Director. He is a graduate of École Normale Supérieure and Ingénieur au Corps des Mines, and he holds a PhD in material science.

Before joining BCG, he worked within the Ministry of Industry, including two years as a technical advisor to the secretary of state in charge of industry. He also worked for Renault in engineering and for Beghin-Say in Budapest.


Q: What do you like most about your job?

A: Convincing a client to entrust us with a highly strategic assignment, as part of a long-time relationship and based on the trust they put into our teams.

Q: What characteristics do you believe define a BCGer?

A: True curiosity, insatiable appetite for change, cooperative spirit, tremendous energy, risk appetite, and a taste for challenge.

Q: What's the greatest impact you have had with your work?

A: When we helped a leading energy utility realize its transformation program, which was considered the most successful in its business sector.

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