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Francisco Is a Dynamic Seeker

The unique component of working at BCG is the opportunity to spend every minute of your day with the most brilliant people and the momentum that generates within the team.

In Francisco’s Words

Right out of college, I had my first corporate experience, and from day one I had clarity that it was not for me—at least, not at that point in my career. The lack of impact my work had and the monotony in the type of tasks got me bored right away.

That’s why, when I first learned about the potential impact and exposure that awaited me if I were to join BCG, I immediately decided to pursue a career here. Ever since, it has been an amazing journey. I won't deny it has been full of challenges; however, the amount of gratifying moments I have had, at both a personal and professional level, make up for it.

From the beginning, BCG has given me not only the opportunities but the tools to succeed in my career, including the opportunity to get an MBA in the US. For this and all there is to come, I am forever grateful to BCG for the great school it has been for me.

About Francisco

Francisco studied business and economics at Universidad Torcuato DiTella (ARG). He joined BCG in 2011, right after a short experience in the corporate world, and later got his MBA, sponsored by BCG, at Columbia Business School.


Q: What do you like most about your job?

A: The relevance of what we do for the client. Every case we are involved in comes down to a key aspect of our client’s business. The fact that I am involved with several of these cases every year makes it impossible to compare this job with any other job available for someone my age.

Q: What did you learn in your first year on the job?

A: The first year at BCG is transformational in every level—especially if you join as an associate right after college, as I did. You go from being a shy school kid to being able to present your work in front of a senior client audience. You go from being a well-rounded analytical student to driving strong insights from your analyses. In other words, the professional and personal growth you experience at BCG during your first year cannot be matched by any other job.

Q: How has BCG helped you grow and succeed?

A: The most tangible way BCG has contributed to my growth is by granting me the chance to go get my MBA at Columbia Business School. This experience has served me to explore uncountable new paths and challenge myself in numerous opportunities. On top of this, BCG has allowed me to work in different industries across the region and the world, allowing me to not only develop different areas of expertise but also soak myself in different cultures and styles of working.

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