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Gitte Is a Curious Pioneer

What I love about my job is getting to the core of the client's problem: understanding the root cause of the current challenge and working together with the client to figure out the best solution.

In Gitte’s Words

My background is in macroeconomics and monetary policy. I left academia for BCG to have teamwork as a regular part of my day; work on projects with a clear, instantaneous impact; and learn from my colleagues every day. I have found all these things while working here.

BCG has allowed me to both explore new industries through projects such as supply chain in consumer goods and procurement in industrial goods. I have also had opportunities to leverage my expertise on other projects: a few months into my BCG career, I had the chance to discuss implications of the current European monetary policy in a workshop with 25 board members!

About Gitte

Gitte holds a PhD in monetary macroeconomics from Copenhagen University (scholarship from the Danish Central Bank). During her master’s and PhD programs, she also studied at Columbia University, New York University, and Università Bocconi.

Q: What international experiences at BCG have been the most interesting for you?

A: Being on a project in Cyprus for ten weeks was a very fascinating experience. The project was extremely interesting, and our team had a great impact in helping the client with their challenges. I also enjoyed the country's fascinating history (UN peacekeeping troops present in the capital) and the culture and cuisine (which my local teammates made sure to introduce me to).

Q: Why is BCG a good place for a woman to work?


For all the same reasons that it is a great place for a man. You get to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the largest corporations and institutions in our society, you feel that your work has an impact, and you do this working together with some fantastic colleagues.

On top of this, your development and growth has high priority, so the leadership invests time in giving you feedback and helping you take things to the next level and have even larger impact on future cases.

Q: What’s your home office like?

A: I just took over the role as head of the social committee in Copenhagen. We arrange the summer party, Christmas party, winter conference (which often has an element of skiing), sports events, and much more. Further, I am involved in the social impact committee, which coordinated all the pro bono work that BCG does. Two percent of our consulting staff is at work on pro bono cases, and on top of that we are involved with several volunteer organizations. Deciding which nonprofit organizations we will support over the next year is always an exciting process.

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