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Isaac Is an Imaginative Challenger

Consultant, Kuala Lumpur

At BCG, Challengers go against expected thinking and inspire their teams to be truly innovative. Isaac connects the dots to see the bigger picture.

At BCG, you are empowered to step up. I once took up a challenge to lead a client team of ten managers, who had at least a decade more experience than I did, in the design and launch of a new business model.


In Isaac’s Words

I have always wanted to be in a business career, which was why I chose to do an accounting undergraduate degree—despite the fact that I was a full science student without any accounting background. I was convinced that BCG was the place to be during the recruiting session for my university.

As one of the first local graduates to join the Kuala Lumpur office as a business analyst, I was thrilled by the steep learning curve from day one. Since joining in 2012, I have worked on multiple cases in the Financial Services (banking and insurance), Industrial Goods, and Public Sector practices, helping clients across three geographies with organizational transformation, merger and acquisition, business model design, productivity improvement, and cost reduction. The experience working with both Fortune 500 companies and Southeast Asian regional champions has enabled me to learn from the best of both worlds, equipping me to be a future business leader.

About Isaac

Isaac holds a bachelor of accounting (first class honors) degree from University of Malaya. He is also the associate representative of the Kuala Lumpur office.


Q: What characteristics do you believe define a BCGer?

A: As much as we are a diverse group of people with different backgrounds, cultures, and personalities, every BCGer I have met has three things in common: extremely brilliant, always willing to make the extra effort to support one another, and at the same time very competitive!

Q: What’s the biggest impact you have had with your work?

A: My greatest impact at BCG was when my recommendation to a government ministry was translated into a major government policy. I will never forget how the draft policy speech written on my laptop became part of the announcement by the prime minister the next day!

Q: How have you benefited from a mentoring relationship at BCG?

A: Mentorship is ingrained in the culture of BCG. The seniors are always willing to take the extra effort to mentor the juniors and are genuinely interested in helping you succeed in your career. Personally, I have had many great mentors within the firm who would advise me on topics ranging from career development to MBA applications.

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