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Jan Is a Courageous Challenger

Senior Associate, Prague

At BCG, Challengers go against expected thinking and inspire their teams to be truly innovative. Jan has the courage to take action.

Every day I leave the office, I am surprised by how fast I learn and grow within BCG.


In Jan’s Words

Despite the fact my background is in financial engineering, I have been working mostly on energy cases so far—which was a completely new topic for me. This may sound scary, but it turned out to be a great experience after all! It enabled me to broaden my horizons, and moreover I quickly became an office expert for several topics—and this all just a few months after joining BCG.

What has surprised me the most is that the famous BCG words—“Build, Connect, Grow”—are not just fancy words that fit the logo nicely. These things are happening in your everyday life, and you feel it every single time you leave the office.

About Jan

Jan holds double degrees in financial engineering and international business relations. He studied at Prague and St. Gallen (Switzerland).


Q: What characteristics do you believe define a BCGer?

A: Our people are generally very smart, proactive, and keen to change things, but there is no standard profile. I personally believe that anyone who is a bit smart and has ambition can work for BCG.

Q: What was one of your favorite case experiences?

A: We managed to completely redesign a core client process. It was a huge process transformation, in which all existing routines were turned around. It was a great experience to work on this project, especially knowing that you did a really good job and the client liked your work. But what really hit me after the project was when one of the client board members told me, “You know, Jan, we tried to do this for the last four years, and we didn’t really move from the starting point. You managed it all, and much better than I even dreamed of—and in just four months. Good job!”

Q: What are some of your favorite things to do outside of the office?

A: I like a good party and various sports. Believe it or not, there is space for both of these within BCG. But let’s rather talk about sports—for me, it is definitely skiing in winter and sailing in summer. This year, I have learned to surf as well, which was always my dream!

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