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Jawad Is a Collaborative Explorer

The diversity of our firm truly inspires me. My current team boasts six nationalities and five native languages, and we learn from each other every day.

In Jawad’s Words

Prior to BCG, I spent several years working in management and advisory roles in the telecom and technology sectors.

At BCG Middle East, I have had the opportunity to try new fields, and in particular I have discovered a passion for public-sector and labor market strategy. This work gives us a platform to help build nations and reach millions of people with our solutions. It is exciting to be part of such high-impact initiatives.

Growing up in London, I was very used to diversity, but even so I was struck by the richness of our firm in the region. My current team of six boasts six different nationalities and five different native languages. This richness helps us bring better solutions to the client and is a very rewarding environment to work in.

About Jawad

Jawad joined BCG as an experienced hire with several years of prior experience in the technology and telecom sectors. He has worked across Europe and the Middle East and holds an MA in politics, philosophy, and economics from the University of Oxford.


Q: What do you like most about your job?

A: I love the intellectual challenge of solving our region’s most challenging problems. Sometimes in our practice area, we face problems that BCG has never worked on before. Yet through a rigorous process, as well as the intellectual spark that comes from being in a team of smart, motivated colleagues, we manage to find a way to structure and solve the challenge for our client.

Q: What advice would you give someone who wants to work at BCG?

A: Succeeding at our firm requires a rare mix of skills ranging from structured problem solving to creativity to empathy and outstanding communication and influencing skills. Seek out opportunities in your current academic or work environment to challenge yourself. Consolidate the things you are good at and push yourself to experience new things and round out your skill set to set yourself up for success in the recruiting process, and ultimately, as a consultant at BCG.

Q: If you could compare what you do with any other job, what would you say?

A: We work harder than in many other professions, and it requires a lot of stamina to maintain this over time. But the level of challenge, personal growth and influence you get in return is immensely rewarding and matched by very few industries.

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