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Jawad is an Imaginative Visionary

Consultant, Casablanca

At BCG, Visionaries navigate complexity with ease. They use their insight and intuition to identify the solutions that will create lasting impact. Jawad connects the dots to see the bigger picture.

From my very first day at BCG, I was empowered take full charge of a project I was working on and define its content. Few companies give so many responsibilities to "beginners.”


In Jawad’s Words

I am an engineer by education, and I worked for more than six years in the automotive industry in Germany. This first job was a very exciting professional experience, but I felt like broadening my skills, acquiring better business knowledge, and discovering other industries.

After an MBA that provided me with a highly useful business perspective and enriched my thinking on what I wanted to do, I joined the Casablanca office of BCG. To me, it was a great opportunity to work on a continent on the move. Also, during my first meetings with BCGers, I immediately discovered their open-mindedness and creative and rigorous approach to issues, which were extremely appealing to me.

Joining the office helped me measure the other strengths of BCG, most notably its powerful international network based on collaboration and the sharing of common values. Information and expertise are quickly available. BCG knows how to capitalize on the various experiences and know-how of its people. As soon as I arrived, I worked with confidence in a demanding but highly open environment.

About Jawad

Holding an MBA from the Harvard Business School, an MSc from Ecole Centrale de Lille and a telecom engineering degree from the Technical University of Munich, Jawad worked for several years in the automotive industry in Germany.


Q: What do you like most about your job?

A: Less than a year after I joined BCG, I had worked in industries as various as energy, infrastructure, airlines, building materials, and agriculture. This diversity is an ongoing challenge; it broadens your knowledge and creates new reflexes. It is extremely stimulating. In Casablanca, many cases address major strategic issues, making BCG an important contributor to value creation in Morocco and Africa. Finally, the quality of the personal and professional relationships I have developed since I arrived at BCG is extremely rewarding.

Q: What did you learn in your first year on the job?

A: There are many training courses at BCG, and they enable you to better use the proprietary tools and methods of the firm. But you also learn how to capitalize on BCG's broad and deep expertise and knowledge. Also, your immediate application of skills in cases creates a very specific approach, consisting of addressing each issue in a very open way, as well as developing new options based on hypotheses and analyses to generate tangible impact for clients.

Q: Why did you choose to work at BCG?

A: BCG fully embodies its motto. Build: I am extremely curious; to me, each case is an opportunity to discover a new subject, and thus to acquire a multi-industry culture. Connect: whether internally or through the contact with clients, BCG enables you to develop a high-quality network. Grow: the variety of cases and modules within a same case always puts me in new situations. It challenges me and helps me develop new skills and knowledge.

Q: What's your home office environment like?

A: The Casablanca office of BCG provides a very pleasant work environment. The quality of life in Morocco's economic capital is excellent. Within this quickly growing office, you find multicultural teams, a family-like atmosphere, considerable dynamism, and a constructive spirit. Everyone is exposed to high-level projects and meets first-class economic players in Morocco as well as other African countries.

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