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Khalil is a Curious Visionary

Senior Associate, Casablanca

At BCG, Visionaries navigate complexity with ease. They use their insight and intuition to identify the solutions that will create lasting impact. Khalil goes deep to understand challenges.

At BCG, I can measure the efficiency of collaborative work and the power of an international network.


In Khalil’s Words

I grew up in Morocco and studied engineering in France; afterwards, I complemented these studies with a more business-oriented training. I had always been interested in the corporate world, and quickly chose strategy consulting. This is why I applied for an internship in the Casablanca office of BCG.

There were many strong arguments in favor of my choice: exceptional professional prospects, a great work environment, the quality of life in Morocco, and the proximity to my family. Therefore, I had no hesitation whatsoever as to whether I would accept the offer to join BCG in Casablanca after my internship. Staying was the only thing I was longing for, and I have not been disappointed.

In a year, I participated in six assignments within five industries across four countries. During the same period, I met more than 500 BCGers from all over the world and worked with more than 50 of them, each more interesting than the last. Today, I feel even more enthusiastic and motivated than before because I know that I will keep on growing and discovering new things within a rich and stimulating team.

About Khalil

Khalil holds an engineering degree from Ecole Centrale-Supélec and a finance and strategy diploma from Sciences Po Paris.


Q: What do you like most about your job?


What motivates me most on a day-to-day basis is the prospect of beginning a new adventure every day, with a team that shares the same passion and standards. Each assignment brings a different dimension and strong challenges.

I work with unique people, particularly here in Casablanca, where profiles and backgrounds are so diverse. This diversity is extremely thought-provoking. To one single question, you can be sure you will get many different answers, which will fuel your reflection. We share a lot of things together, including outside the office, notably during dinners or travels all over the country.

Q: What did you learn in your first year on the job?


I learned a lot about everything, extremely quickly. As a matter of fact, during the first year, we learn many methods to deal with analyses, data processing, presentations, and client management. This “lightning” learning is made possible not only by our team, our office mates, and trainings but also by the amazing resources of BCG: its databases covering all issues and industries and its network of experts located all over the world, always willing to answer your questions.

We are often outside our comfort zone, but as we are continuously supported and helped by a manager, we become autonomous very quickly. During the first year, learning is extremely intense, but I guess it never really stops at BCG!

Q: Why did you choose to work at BCG?

A: I immediately felt I would find the challenge I was looking for. At BCG, I work on extremely diverse and strategic assignments with people from whom I learn a lot every day. It is an extremely stimulating and enriching environment. Moreover, in the Casablanca office, the entrepreneurial spirit is extremely strong, and we can all invest ourselves in the development of the office.

Q: What international experiences at BCG have been the most interesting for you?

A: I worked in Nigeria for four months and was fortunate enough to be exposed to many cultural differences. I realized that understanding the specifics of a country (in terms of working practices, business vision, consumption patterns, or professional relationships) is of paramount importance to ensure the success of a project. To do so, nothing is better than experience in the field.

Q: How has your network grown as part of working at BCG?

A: My network has grown (and keeps growing) very quickly, on an international level. At BCG, many training sessions are organized in different countries. We meet BCGers from all over the world. Moreover, we talk a lot to each other not only during our assignments, but also when we’re trying to grasp the trends of the various markets. Last, we are helped by a mentor, and it is easy to develop direct relationships with partners.

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