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Konstantina Is a Collaborative Visionary

Project Leader, San Francisco

At BCG, Visionaries navigate complexity with ease. They use their insight and intuition to identify the solutions that will create lasting impact. Konstantina empowers and inspires others.

The best part of working at BCG is the people you interact with every day. Hours can be long, but they feel well spent when you are among such an amazing set of talent.


In Konstantina’s Words

My background is in economics and marketing. Upon completing my MBA at MIT Sloan, I joined BCG Athens to pursue a consulting career with a Greek home base.

During my time at BCG, I have developed a passion for shipping, which has afforded me the opportunity to support clients in their battle to protect profitability in the most challenging environment of the past years. It has also given me the opportunity to serve international clients and take on assignments in three different continents. What has impressed me the most in my tenure so far is how diverse BCG working teams are, both in terms of professional background and nationality, but also working style. That teaches you to always be flexible and an active listener.

About Konstantina

Konstantina holds an MBA from MIT Sloan and a BA from the Athens University of economics and business.


Q: What do you like most about your job?

A: The camaraderie among the working teams.

Q: When did you know you belonged at BCG?

A: During the first Friday lunch. Everyone came together from their Monday to Thursday at the client, and I immediately felt at home.

Q: What international experiences at BCG have been the most interesting for you?

A: Being stationed in Southeast Asia to support a shipping client and being in the Qatari desert to support an industrial-goods client. The former was a longer assignment that allowed me to get to know the local culture as well. The latter was a shorter assignment but truly inspiring to be actually on the ground observing real-time operations.

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