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Lubasha Is a Collaborative Pioneer

Managing Director & Partner, New York

At BCG, Pioneers have the courage to take action on unique insights. They share and activate ideas that enable our clients to gain the competitive edge. Lubasha empowers and inspires others.

When I look at the partner team and people I am working with every day, I see people I respect and admire, true role models. I don't just like my job—my heart is in it, and I believe this group of people can make anything possible.


In Lubasha’s Words

I was looking for many things when I joined BCG after college—international opportunities, great people to work with and learn from, as well as diverse, challenging, and impactful work. I have had the privilege of experiencing all of these and more. Since joining the firm, I have worked in the Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Moscow, Kiev, and New York offices and have made good friends in each. I have worked in multiple industries, and every time I thought I finally knew what I was doing the firm would give me a new challenge. People often ask me why I have stayed with the firm for so long. Beyond my reasons for initially joining, there is a very simple answer. I have true mentors here who give me wings, are invested in my success, and want to see me happy not just in my career but in my personal life as well.

About Lubasha

Lubasha holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, a BSc and MSc in business administration from ESADE, Spain, and CEMS master’s degree in international management from London School of Economics.


Q: What do you like most about your job?

A: Most of all, I appreciate the growth opportunities I see every day. When I think back on the years I have spent at BCG to date, I realize that every time I have begun to feel comfortable with the job my manager has given me something more challenging: a new stretch goal, a new topic, a new industry, a larger team, more responsibility. I have loved every role more than the previous one—and I hope the trend continues.

Q: What inspires you about BCG?

A: What inspires me about the job is how much impact we can have—on our clients and our teams. Whether you want to stay in consulting for a long time or want to use it as a stepping stone to pursue the next adventure, this job is a hands-on school in management, leadership, change, teamwork, and impact. It is exciting to see people grow—from when they join the firm as associates or consultants to when they start managing people. It is empowering to realize the impact you are having on these people's careers and lives while working for BCG.

Q: How do you maintain a sustainable career balance at BCG?

A: I always loved doing multiple things at the same time. It gives me energy, helps me think better, makes me happier. It is hard to have a demanding career in client service and achieve personal goals. However, it is just a muscle that can (and should) be built up over time. I learned how to prioritize my work and deliver things that are fit for purpose. I surround myself with people who appreciate their personal lives as much as I appreciate mine; that way it is easier to cover for each other when we work together. And I encourage everyone who becomes a manager to be extremely thoughtful about how their actions affect other people and how we can shape our working environment together.

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