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Mauricio Is a Collaborative Challenger

Project Leader, Bogotá

At BCG, Challengers go against expected thinking and inspire their teams to be truly innovative. Mauricio empowers and inspires others.

All expectations about working in business consulting with BCG have been fulfilled.


In Mauricio's Words

After few months as an associate in the New York office, I received the good news that BCG was planning to open an office in Bogotá and I was invited to be part of this new endeavor. I therefore decided to return after 12 years living abroad, and I couldn’t have made a better decision

All expectations about working in business consulting with BCG have been fulfilled: dynamism, continuous learning, brilliant and motivated colleagues, and the satisfaction of having a profound impact on major companies and organizations worldwide.

However, the experience of launching the office in Bogotá has been perhaps the most rewarding aspect of my career at BCG thus far. The team and our relationships with clients continue to strengthen at a rate not expected even in the most optimistic projections—all while we shape the office culture to create a great working environment.

About Mauricio

Mauricio holds a master's degree in systems engineering from MIT and a BA in computer science, Japanese, and political science from Macalester College. Prior to BCG, he worked as a software engineer at JPMorgan's credit and rates trading desk in Hong Kong.


Q: What international experiences at BCG have been the most interesting for you?

A: One of the main reasons I joined the team launching the Bogotá office was my desire to work with companies seeking to grow in Latin America. The first project I worked on after transferring from New York was aimed at figuring out how to triple revenues for our client in a period of only five years. This involved working across Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia, talking to company leaders and key clients in these three countries in order to define a growth strategy that truly captured the potential in the region.

Q: What is something that has surprised you about working at BCG?

A: Before joining BCG, I was quite skeptical of a model in which recent college graduates could give useful advice to senior executives who had spent their entire lives running companies in specialized industries and functions. My biggest surprise has been to witness how this model is a reality and how I am part of it every day. The leverage that new hires get from the accumulated knowledge and experience built at BCG enables this model and fuels our contributions to clients.

Q: If you could compare what you do with any other job, what would you say?

A: The diversity of work and the level of intellectual challenge that we face on a daily basis is something that is very hard to find in other jobs.

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