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Nadia is a Dynamic Pioneer

Associate, Prague

At BCG, Pioneers have the courage to take action on unique insights. They share and activate ideas that enable our clients to gain the competitive edge. Nadia challenges the status quo.

The best part of working at BCG is the people you work with. They are not just my colleagues, teachers, and mentors—they are my friends.


In Nadia’s Words

Even though I have a finance background and all my classmates were dreaming about careers in banking, I knew consulting was for me the moment I found out that such a field existed. The opportunity to learn about different industries and work with people rather than spreadsheets was irresistible. Having met many BCGers during my student days and become friends with some of them, BCG, with its family-like environment, was a natural choice.

My decision was reinforced during my internship with the company – the knowledge I gained in only three months was fascinating. Despite my inexperience, I was given plenty of responsibility, including a chance to lead client meetings. This remains true at all positions – you always have a lot of opportunities to learn and grow.

About Nadia

Nadia holds a Master’s degree in banking and finance from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. She joined BCG after completing a summer internship.


Q: What do you like most about your job?


The opportunity to learn so much about so many different things in such a short time. During my six months with the company, I have managed to learn about single-engine helicopters, setting up a new customer segment in a bank, and about every aspect of data enablement there is – from the different possible uses of data in an organization to its regulatory limitations. Having always been interested in how different companies and industries work, I could not imagine a better environment to satisfy my curiosity.

Q: What is a typical day like for you?


My typical day starts with a breakfast and ends at the moment when I open my laptop – because there is no typical day. Every day presents unique challenges, tasks, and problems to solve--problems that may seem daunting at first, but always turn out to have a solution--you just have to step out of your comfort zone.

Q: What is something that has surprised you about working at BCG?


The feedback culture. I haven’t seen anything like this in any other company I have worked for. In fact, in investment banking, people actually laughed when I asked for feedback after one month. That made me realize that to be able give feedback, you need to take the time and effort to observe the person you are giving the feedback to. That’s something that goes without saying at BCG.

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