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Nic Is a Collaborative Visionary

Associate Director, London

At BCG, Visionaries navigate complexity with ease. They use their insight and intuition to identify the solutions that will create lasting impact. Nic empowers and inspires others.

The most fun experience I've had at BCG is being able to work with a very diverse, international, high-performing, collaborative group of people who put the interests of clients above everything they do, which is very refreshing and extremely rewarding.


In Nic’s Words

I work in data enablement within BCG's big data topic, which means I help our clients develop capabilities to realize their ambitions in data—whether it’s developing a data strategy or discreetly implementing a specific data solution around data management, business intelligence, data visualization, or advanced analytics. I have over 25 years experience in the finance industry and before joining BCG was the chief data officer of a few international banks. It's great to see that data has finally got the boardroom’s attention, although I never thought it would take this long. By joining BCG, I have access to the CXO level, which allows me to articulate why data is important to the firm and what strategies we can deploy for the business to take back ownership of such an important corporate asset and enable the firm to achieve its business objectives.

About Nic

Nic holds a literature degree from University College London.


Q: Why did you choose to work at BCG?

A: I chose BCG because of the culture. Everyone I met I bizarrely connected with, and it was so weird at first that I thought it was just a mere coincidence. However, after more than 18 months and having met more and more people, expanding my network, I continue to observe how warm, friendly, and cooperative everyone is. Nothing is too much trouble, and the speed of input and follow-ups is so quick that I sometimes find it hard to keep up. Having said that, there is always a helping hand if you ever find yourself struggling. There is a brilliant sense of teamwork here.

Q: What are you most curious about?

A: I am most curious about the psychology of individual behavior and what impact organizations and culture have on determining our behavior. Most of my work is about articulating the value of data, and to some that is not a sexy subject—only to the less informed, I hasten to add. But it's intriguing to understand what role the organization and human nature have to play in transforming a bunch of unbelievers (agnostics) along the journey before they are convinced of the power of data, and I am often surprised at what tactical and strategic levers are necessary to pull to adapt people's mind-sets.

Q: What are some of your volunteer or charitable work experiences?

A: I was fortunate enough to spend three months in South America working with children’s charities that I support (World Vision and Plan). I helped out teaching English, laboring on new school constructions, and improving my very bad Portuguese and Spanish. It was a world away from the city and financial services, and it allowed me to focus on something completely different and worthwhile, which was refreshing. At BCG, there are many opportunities to get involved in charities. In fact, I am now mentoring a senior manager at Teach First, a nonprofit organization that focuses on placing outstanding teachers in underprivileged areas in the UK.

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