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Nic Is a Collaborative Storyteller

Partner, Washington, DC

At BCG, Storytellers synthesize complex information and ideas. They believe in bringing the whole team together to get a broader perspective. Nicholas empowers and inspires others.

Charting my own course seemed daunting at first, but the opportunities at BCG have been incredible and I’ve had support from great mentors all along the way.


In Nic’s Words

My time at BCG has been a journey of self-discovery that started the moment I joined as a summer intern four years ago. Coming from the financial services sector, I had grown accustomed to work that was interesting but not always fulfilling. My first case experience at BCG took me into the world of global public health, and I was instantly captivated by the passion that pervaded that mission-focused client. I never envisioned specializing in health care, but my work in the sector has continued with projects for hospitals, insurers, and biopharmaceutical firms. Now I can’t imagine anything else!

One of the things that drew me to BCG was the unparalleled focus on impact. I remember perusing the list of BCG values and being fascinated by “expanding the art of the possible.” I am proud to be part of a firm where we all strive for meaningful impact for our clients and society as a whole.

About Nic

Nic earned an MBA with distinction from London Business School and holds a bachelor’s degree in international business from Georgetown University.


Q: When did you know you belonged at BCG?

A: In my first year, I was invited to join the LGBT network’s global conference. I had never been “out” at work, so this network was intriguing to me. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but I had a great time meeting colleagues from all over the world and discussing initiatives in recruiting, career development, and advocacy. By the end of the weekend, I knew I had found something special in this community. BCG’s willingness to support the LGBT network is an important testament to the firm’s commitment to diversity, and I am appreciative of the many ways the network has shaped my experience over the years.

Q: What characteristics do you believe define a BCGer?

A: When I was going through the recruiting process, a BCGer described his coworkers as brilliant and down-to-earth, and I couldn’t agree more. It would be humbling to be surrounded by such highly accomplished people if they weren’t so easy to get along with! My colleagues’ wide array of prior work experience has led to fascinating dinner conversations on topics ranging from life in Antarctica to running for political office. The approachability of BCGers also has professional benefits, including a consistent willingness to help out when specialized knowledge is required. While it may not be hard to find either characteristic in isolation, the nexus of these two qualities is one of the things that makes BCG special.

Q: What’s your home office environment like?

A: The DC office has a very familial vibe and a strong feeling of community. We’ve grown quickly over the past several years, but the office leadership encourages us to get to know one another through Friday office lunches and social activities throughout the year. Families are often invited to these events, and I’ve enjoyed introducing my husband to my coworkers and meeting their significant others and children. Given this importance of family, it’s no surprise that the office really doubles down on “protecting” weekends, even if it sometimes means working harder during the week.

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