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Nimrod Is a Curious Storyteller

Managing Director & Partner, Budapest

At BCG, Storytellers synthesize complex information and ideas. They believe in bringing the whole team together to get a broader perspective. Nimrod goes deep to understand challenges.

What amazes me at BCG is the degree to which I could shape and influence my career in terms of topics, industries, and clients I have the chance to work for.


In Nimrod’s Words

After completing my MBA studies in the US, I decided to join BCG to pursue a career that allowed me to have a home base in Hungary, where my family is from, but at the same time be part of a leading-edge global organization. I continue to cherish the opportunity to work across borders with exceptionally talented and very diverse project teams in terms of experience, background, and nationality.

Not only have I found a great balance between being local and international but BCG has also proved to be a tremendous personal growth platform, which has kept me motivated for more than ten years now. I decided to specialize in financial institutions in the CEE/SEE region, which eventually became a platform for me as a partner. I continue to genuinely enjoy the opportunity to serve our clients in the bumpy waters of this region, bringing to them the tremendous experience, know-how, and perspectives BCG can offer as a global institution.

About Nimrod

Nimrod holds an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley and an MSC in management and organization from Corvinus University Budapest.


Q: What do you like most about your job?

A: This is a job you cannot get bored of. It continuously pushes you to newer and newer personal frontiers—all this in an environment of people who are genuinely kind and who care for each other.

Q: How do you maintain a sustainable career balance at BCG?

A: Keep adjusting this as family and children grow. What works when they are young is different from what they need when they are older. Also be mentally, physically, emotionally present in what you are doing: if it is work, focus on work; if it is spending time with family, then focus on them.

Q: What does being a mentor mean to you?

A: Helping colleagues grow and become successful within or outside the boundaries of BCG is one of the most precious experiences. It is great to see colleagues finding their passion, being energized, and making a big difference at work, in office life, and by becoming role models as individuals.

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