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Rodrigo Is a Collaborative Visionary

Right from the start, I felt as if I was helping shape the future of one of the most important companies in my country, improving efficiency and capabilities. And since it’s a state-owned company, I was actually optimizing the use of the resources of my country.

In Rodrigo’s Words

In my last year as an engineering undergrad, I was sure I was going to follow a career in the oil industry. However, right after I attended a BCG recruiting event, I fell in love with the firm. The opportunity to learn about such different industries, creating true value, while working with senior executives from day one really spoke to me.

I had only one fear: that BCGers were going to be pretentious or dull. I couldn’t have been more wrong. BCGers are the brightest, most genuine, most helpful, and most interesting group of people I know, making the working days much more pleasurable.

About Rodrigo

Rodrigo holds a control and automation engineering degree from UFSC and has worked at BCG since 2013.


Q: What characteristics do you believe define a BCGer?

A: Always willing to help a colleague, even if it means extra work hours. Being curious and insatiable when it comes to resolving clients’ problems and finding opportunities to improve.

Q: Tell us about a moment when you challenged the status quo.

A: That’s the beauty of the job. We are constantly questioning the status quo, and that is the expectation here. Even in internal meetings, we are expected to question our peers—even partners—to make sure we are achieving the best possible answers.

Q: What groups or organizations have you gotten involved with at BCG?

A: We have a group called the Fun Team, and we organize activities for everyone in the office. Recent examples are poker tournaments, paintball, go-carts, and beer and wine tastings in the office. My favorite activity is the annual soccer and volley championship, where BCG offices from all around the world play during a weekend in Europe—all funded by BCG!

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