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Ruben Is a Curious Visionary

BCG supported my growth by giving me the opportunity to study at Harvard for two years—an incredible experience.

In Ruben’s Words

My interest in BCG was sparked by the annual business course with the World Food Program (WFP). BCG and WFP—what a fascinating combination! I got curious how BCG uses its capabilities to change the world for the better.

My BCG career has been about supporting public organizations in their biggest challenges. From optimizing public transport to stimulating financing of entrepreneurs, working in BCG’s Public Sector practice gives me the opportunity to have public impact. The last few years have been difficult for many public organizations in the Netherlands, facing large budget cuts. I learned how empathy, fresh ideas, and the right analyses can make a true difference.

BCG has pushed me to grow as a person and to discover new ground. I never imagined that I would study at Harvard or write columns for a national newspaper. Public impact and personal growth: it is this combination that makes BCG unique for me.

About Ruben

Ruben earned an economics degree from Tilburg University, a global politics degree from the London School of Economics, and a Master in Public Administration (MPA) from Harvard University.


Q: What do you like most about your job?

A: I really like that as a BCG consultant I can work on the issues that are key for public organizations. Our clients ask BCG for advice if an issue is important and complex, which makes my work always interesting and exciting. I am constantly encouraged to think deeper and to determine how I can help my clients most effectively. Finding solutions to big public problems is what drives me. Every day I feel that my work matters.

Q: Why did you choose to work at BCG?

A: I chose BCG instead of other consultancy firms for two reasons. First, I was impressed by BCG’s personalized approach to development. BCG recognizes every person’s individual strengths and areas for improvement, and helps to set out a personal development path. Second, I appreciated that BCG does not bring standardized solutions but creates specific solutions for every single client. This requires strong interpersonal skills and creativity from BCG teams. Every team member, no matter what level of seniority, is crucial for the team’s success. This philosophy really appealed to me.

Q: What are some of your favorite things to do outside the office?

A: In my spare time, I write columns and essays for a Dutch national newspaper, mostly on higher education, foreign affairs, and leadership. I am also an active member of a political party. For example, I serve in a few committees that advise members of Parliament. I very much appreciate how BCG has always supported me in these extracurricular activities. BCG recognizes that these activities also contribute to my personal growth.

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