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Saurabh Is a Fearless Pioneer

Principal, Los Angeles

At BCG, Pioneers have the courage to take action on unique insights. They share and activate ideas that enable our clients to gain the competitive edge. Saurabh is unafraid to try new things.

During an internship at a media company prior to BCG, I asked the head of the strategy group, ‘What do I need to do for career success?’ She answered, "Go work at BCG.


In Saurabh’s Words

As a consultant, I was part of a team supporting a go-to-market strategy for a product launch. During a client meeting, the partner spoke about his thoughts on pricing and incentives for the product. The CFO turned to me and said, "What do you think?" At that moment, I realized that I was the expert. An executive valued my opinion just as much (if not more) than the partner. In few other jobs would I have such responsibility, accountability, and exposure.

But I am also never left out to dry. Someone always has my back, whether on a given analysis, a project, or in my career in general. The network of support—monthly chats with my career development committee advisor, weekly calls with other project leaders and friends, shoulder taps to associates and consultants on an Excel question, and PTO (predictability, teaming, and open communication) discussions with facilitators—aids in a feeling of having a warm, fuzzy blanket. It's truly a special place.

About Saurabh

Saurabh received his MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management and his BS from the University of Southern California in business administration.


Q: When did you know you belonged at BCG?

A: Toward the end of my second year, we were developing a digital strategy for a leading consumer apparel brand in conjunction with BCG Digital Ventures. We held immersion sessions with the top executives of the company, with the first session focused on thinking about the future. As a magician, I performed a little something for the group to stretch their imaginations. Standing up there in front of a dozen executives, having just done a magic trick, I knew BCG was the place for me. Similar to that meeting, I subsequently got to implement my personal approach, integrating fantastic analysis with a touch of creativity to result in a project that lasted for over a year, with lifetime relationships formed along the way.

Q: What’s the biggest impact you have had with your work?

A: One of my first projects was to create the go-to-market strategy for a consumer electronics product manufacturer. We designed the commercial channel and management structure; implemented global incentive, pricing, and discounting programs to establish partner relationships; and shaped end-of-life and new-product introduction strategies. It's a mouthful. The product basically had next-to-nothing in sales when we first started and now is a multibillion dollar business only a few years later. Boom.

Q: What are some of your volunteer or charitable work experiences?

A: BCG has a fantastic fellowship program that lets you volunteer at an organization prior to starting at the company. I had the opportunity to work on strategy for Pratham Institute, which aims to bridge the gap between India’s growing need for skilled manpower and the lack of vocational training in rural areas. The objective was to make a center self-sufficient; the costs to run the center outweighed the student fee revenue. My recommendations were implemented, and along with other applied initiatives, the center is now running at a profit. More important, not having been to India in nearly 20 years, I stepped outside my comfort zone and became self-sufficient in the process. (Read more here:

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