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Tom Is an Insightful Seeker

Project Leader, Melbourne

At BCG, Seekers go deep into the challenging issues our clients face. Their curiosity empowers our teams to facilitate change and add value to society. Tom finds clarity in a complex world.

Working at BCG means tackling the most important problems precisely at the moment at which they are toughest to solve. If you're game to learn about problem solving in a range of contexts, then this is the place to be.


In Tom’s Words

My journey to BCG is longer than most. I'm the only person I know who has successfully intereviewed for a job at BCG twice. I first received an offer from BCG's Sydney office and instead decided to pursue a PhD in economics at Harvard University. From there, I worked in a range of different institutions, including the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

What brought me back to BCG, first in New York and now in Melbourne, was the scale of challenges that BCG tackles and the pace at which it does so. Within the company, I've had a diverse set of experiences and I've discovered that what really excites me is our public sector work. We help resolve some of the toughest problems governments and society face, and leading a team of very talented people in developing novel and effective solutions is deeply rewarding.

About Tom

Tom worked as an economist before joining BCG, earning a PhD from Harvard University and working at the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and the Reserve Bank of Australia. He also holds a bachelor of laws and a bachelor of economics from the University of Queensland.


Q: How has BCG helped you grow and succeed?

A: I've recently started a podcast within BCG, speaking with leaders at the firm about their lives, habits, and mindsets. The support I've received within the firm, particularly at the highest levels, for this sort of a grassroots project has been amazing.

Q: What characteristics do you believe define a BCGer?

A: Curious, brave, and passionate about doing a good job. Curious, because you need to be internally driven to investigate new problems on a regular basis and under intense pressure. Brave, because you will often be challenged about your findings, and you need to be willing to stand by your analysis. And passionate about doing a good job, because that passion is what will help you connect with clients you are helping and teammates you are working with in a way that no other characteristic really will.

Q: What trends are you following and why?

A: I keep an active interest in a wide range of trends, from tech and media to developments in economic policy and methodology, but two current trends particularly interest me: the rise of AI and developments in basic income. The shape of our society will be reshaped by the ability of machines to do non-routine tasks, and we will need to be conceptually and structurally ready.

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