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Yağmur Is a Curious Ally

Consultant, Istanbul

At BCG, Allies bring a sense of collaboration and excitement to their teams. They create an atmosphere of trust and support in which people can do their best work. Yağmur goes deep to understand challenges.

The best part of being a BCGer is working with amazing, talented, inspiring people every day to create the greatest possible impact for clients.


In Yağmur’s Words

During my last year of university, I realized that I wanted to work for a company where I could challenge myself every day, experience various industries and problems, and create impact for businesses—even societies. Hence, I came to BCG and I know I made the right choice!

Within BCG, I have been able to work on various projects and learn tremendously from my teammates, our experts, and also our clients. In addition, I have been able to work with amazing, talented, inspiring people, which makes BCG so unique.

About Yağmur

Yağmur joined BCG's Istanbul office as an associate in 2015. She graduated from Bilkent University with a major degree in industrial engineering and a minor degree in economics.


Q: What did you learn in your first year on the job?

A: From day one, BCG teaches and always encourages people to seek new perspectives and to challenge the status quo. I learned to think differently and express my thoughts freely.

Q: How has BCG helped you grow and succeed?

A: The nonhierarchical, supportive, and friendly environment within BCG always encourages me to speak up and contribute to the success of the case from day one.

Q: What is something that has surprised you about working at BCG?

A: As a fresh graduate from university, seeing a company completely free of hierarchy surprised me at first. Everyone within BCG—from associates to partners—are always available for your questions and even encourage you to ask more.

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