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A Better Way to Work

BCG rose to number four on Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For" list in 2018—the highest ranking, by far, among consultancies, and a reflection of our commitment to career sustainability and satisfaction.

At BCG, we believe that innovation can only thrive in an environment of openness, flexibility, and mutual respect—an environment in which all ideas are heard regardless of tenure and people are supported to pursue a path that's right for them. 

If that sounds different from other companies, it's because we work differently, too. Seeking a better way to manage case work and help our consultants sustain longer, more satisfying careers is a constant objective.


In one approach to addressing this objective, we teamed with Professor Leslie Perlow of Harvard Business School to create a global program we call PTO (predictability, teaming, and open communication). 

PTO establishes a detailed roadmap—from launch to completion—for every BCG project. These roadmaps include transparent working norms and priorities (so low-value work doesn’t consume high-value personal and professional time) and a collectively agreed-on time-off goal for each team member. 

Led by an experienced BCG facilitator—one of dozens of fellow consultants dedicated to this task worldwide—PTO also provides a forum for sharing team member progress and needs, whether you need help with an urgent analysis or to take off early on Wednesday to meet friends who are in town. 

Designed to help increase work predictability and career sustainability, PTO will help you build a deeper understanding of how to manage complex projects, connect more deeply with colleagues and clients, and build the teamwork and leadership skills you need to advance. 

BCGers report exceptional improvements in both personal satisfaction and project performance after adopting PTO, including an average 35% increase in teamwork and collaboration, a 35% increase in value delivered to clients, and a 100% increase in team effectiveness. 

We continue to invest in PTO to enhance these results, deliver the best value to our clients, and enable you to build a more enriching, rewarding, and sustainable career at BCG. 

Here is a video from the founder of PTO, Leslie Perlow, in which she discusses how the experiment that became PTO began and the compelling evidence of its ability to improve the way BCG's teams work, learn, and drive client value. Over the past decade, we've continued to evolve PTO—expanding the focus beyond enhanced predictability to also include better teaming and open communication—to the benefit of our people and our clients.


A Roadmap for Sharing Your Goals, Progress, and Needs

Professor and author Leslie Perlow shares her experimental work with BCG's teams. If a team collectively rallies around a goal of personal value, she concludes, it unleashes a process that creates better work and better lives—and that helps employees better themselves, their organizations, their families, and their relationships.

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