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Joining BCG as an Experienced Professional

Whether you have a few years of experience or an established track record in an industry or function, consider taking your career to the next level at BCG. Apply your knowledge and skills to new challenges, working in case teams and alongside senior management from the world’s most successful companies. Your experiences at BCG will enable you to accelerate your career. You can deepen your current expertise or explore a new field. We offer continuous learning opportunities and the chance to make an immediate impact on our clients’ most important challenges. You may pursue a path toward becoming a partner or director at BCG or you may decide to return to your industry, enriched by your BCG experience. The choice is yours.

Make an Impact and Drive Change

From your first day at BCG, you will add value to our team, utilizing your experience in the industry. You will also continue to develop your career in a fast-paced and innovative environment. As an experienced professional, you may have had exposure to the C-suite. At BCG, you will have direct access, advising decision makers from the world's most successful companies and changing the landscape of industry and society.

Learn more about how BCGers have made an impact.

Supportive Environment, Sustainable Career

At BCG, we believe there is a better way to work. Our global PTO (predictability, teaming, and open communication) program increases work predictability and career sustainability through optimizing the case team experience. Flexibility@BCG enables you to attain your professional and personal goals through enhanced work options and the ongoing support to manage them.

Join a Legacy of Innovation

BCG facilitates and emphasizes a culture of innovation—and a passion to challenge the status quo. Through initiatives like the BCG Henderson Institute, the Center for Customer Insight, the Centre for Public Impact, the Center for Health Care Value, new businesses such as Digital Ventures, and partnerships with TED, we continue this tradition of pioneering new and innovative ideas that reshape the competitive landscape, influencing the way business leaders think and adding value to society.

At BCG, what’s been most exciting is working on new problems and industries—and being able to leverage my mining experience to help find answers to the problems we are working on.

Iwona Ingram

Consulting shares some elements in common with my original vocation, psychology: the need to build and maintain many different relationships, to quickly understand issues other people face, and to cooperate on common solutions.

Ádám Kotsis
Expert Principal

Accelerate Your Career with Many Options

Whether you want to focus on your current expertise or explore a new field, your experiences at BCG will enable you to propel your career forward. You may pursue our traditional consulting path toward becoming a partner at BCG, or you may consider our expert career track, applying your specialized knowledge to the complex client challenges we tackle. Whatever you choose to do, our individualized mentorship combined with in-depth and innovative training & development programs will help you increase your personal effectiveness at BCG and beyond—like our many successful alumni.

Success Through Collaboration

It's pretty simple: we want to help our clients and each other succeed. At BCG, collaboration is at the heart of our work. We don't work on clients, we work with our clients to gain insights into their unique situations and figure out what needs to be done. You'll connect with a diverse and broad set of backgrounds—including business, engineering, economics, science, and the humanities—put together on teams that are tailored for each client. When we ask our clients for feedback, the number one thing they most frequently highlight is our collaborative approach.

Experience Global Business Firsthand

There are tremendous international opportunities available to you in your career at BCG. More than 25% of our consultants work outside their home countries every year, and about half work in global teams led and staffed by BCGers from other parts of the world. Working abroad takes many forms at BCG: global Ambassador programs, which staff early-career consultants in a different country's office for up to a year; cross-office projects; office transfers; and secondments, where you work for up to a year at a client or with our global social impact partners.

Experienced Professionals at BCG

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