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At BCG, we know our teams need a diversity of profiles and capabilities—and our clients demand it. One way to help achieve this diversity is to give you the flexibility to make your career more professionally sustainable and personally fulfilling.

Our Flexibility@BCG approach offers you enhanced work options and the ongoing support to manage them. For those who would like to participate and are eligible, the options are these:

  • FlexTime: Part-time arrangements to reduce weekly work hours. BCG will help you design a model that meets your individual needs and career ambitions.
  • FlexLeave: Opportunity to take an additional block of time off during the year (also known as Time for You in North America).
  • FlexPaths: Access to a large selection of experiences to further your personal and professional development. These may consist of social impact secondments, work abroad, leaves of absence, or courses leading to advanced degrees.

We continuously innovate to create an environment that will accommodate our employees' changing lives.

Flex@BCG allows BCG employees to raise families, pursue personal passions, and live balanced lives—all while doing the work they love at BCG.


Five Personal Journeys

At BCG, you'll find the flexibility to achieve balance between the work you love doing and life you love living.

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