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Learning & Development

We invest more than $200,000 in learning and development programs for our consultants over the course of their careers so they can continuously increase their knowledge, expand their skills, and maximize their personal and professional growth.

Working at BCG, you’ll always stay one step ahead thanks to the variety of your on-the-job experiences combined with the richness of our learning-and-development program.

Whether you’re an entry-level associate or a senior partner, our core curriculum of learning programs will help you build consulting, leadership, and client-development skills and will sharpen your industry and functional expertise at every stage of your career. You’ll even have access to an online learning portal long before your first day.

Live, in-person training promotes peer learning and networking with BCG colleagues around the world. You will learn from—and be challenged by—a supportive team of more than 400 internal trainers made up of our most senior consulting staff, as well as by trainers from outside BCG who are distinguished in their fields of expertise.

From sharpening your presentation style by performing Hamlet to building teamwork skills through acclaimed orchestra conductor Roger Nierenberg’s “The Music Paradigm,” BCG’s unique and creative training programs will help you expand your personal and professional potential in ways that are stimulating, inspiring, and fun.

In addition to our core curriculum, you will have access to a wide range of online learning opportunities (including hundreds of electives, more than 1,000 virtual classrooms, primers, and more) that are available to help you define your individual learning path at BCG and shape your own development.

If you’re joining BCG from a nonbusiness field, academia, a specialized industry, or even another consulting firm, we’ll design an integration program to help you adapt quickly and develop new skills to accelerate your career.

BCG’s core curriculum provides in-depth courses to help you build the consulting, leadership, and client development skills you need to grow and excel at every step in your career.

BCG training enables a consultant to convey a message to a difficult audience or to foster information sharing so the team can excel. What makes it really useful is that we can adapt it to our specific needs, selecting from a myriad of training offerings and picking what we need from each training session.

Jorge Tomaz
Partner & Managing Director

The core curriculum covers everything from corporate finance to managing presence.

Nick Gardiner
Hong Kong

BCG keeps on pushing me out of my comfort zone, providing me with unparalleled learning opportunities.

France Joris

LAB Learning Portal

The Learning at BCG, or LAB, portal is the firm’s customized learning tool. LAB gives you access to BCG’s collective expertise anytime, anywhere.

Online primers created by our global experts will help you get up to speed on an industry or function. Virtual classrooms, offered almost every day, provide access to BCG’s global experience and latest thinking. Specially designed curricula and newsletters help you learn from BCG peers how to succeed as a consultant.

Individual training recommendations—from a case team leader, advisor, or colleague—enable you to develop the right skills for every case, helping you to learn more, faster, and continuously expand your potential through your on-the-job experiences.

Core Curriculum

Associates & Consultants

Project Leaders & Principals


Practice Area Expertise

Through our LAB portal, you’ll have access to vast knowledge shared by BCG consultants across our 18 practice areas, as well as to online courses led by BCG experts in virtual classrooms, so you can participate from anywhere. 

Through our topic networks, you’ll interact with groups of topic experts and share information and ideas. When you reach project leader, you’ll also have access to live training at local, regional, and global venues. 

Through your work, you’ll learn and grow by collaborating with BCG professionals and clients to solve the toughest challenges in your function or industry.

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