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Learning & Development

At BCG, we hire people with extraordinary, diverse talents and a relentless desire to improve themselves.

Every new BCGer is hired with the belief that he or she will be a long-term employee and an eventual leader in the firm. We recognize that many will move to new opportunities outside of BCG over time, but we value and respect each individual's desire for personal development and aspire to create world class opportunities and programming to enable that growth.

BCG provides extensive formal training for Center for Knowledge & Analytics (CKA) employees at every stage of their careers, as we constantly push to help BCGers grow. We invest in a wide variety of office-based and functional trainings, as well as a variety of continuing education programs, ranging from formal worldwide training events to informal on-the-job mentoring.

BCG is a place where the best come to learn the fastest. 
Carl Stern 
Former CEO, BCG

To further these efforts, we launched a detailed, role-specific training program called "Knowledge Academy" for CKA. Knowledge Academy is a multiformat training program comprised of role-targeted courses based on the specific career step, as well as foundational courses to teach common skills. The blended courses make use of innovative platforms and remote technology to support cross-regional and cross-cultural exchange of our staff.

In addition to Knowledge Academy, the LAB (Learning at BCG) portal is available to employees worldwide, giving them a 24-7, globally consistent access point to training resources and content from our 20-plus practice areas. The LAB portal also allows managers to recommend online training resources that will help team members develop problem solving, analytical, communication, leadership, and client service skills.

We also offer virtual training sessions in which our staff can participate in live classes, conducted through conference calls and online presentations. Any employee can listen in as other BCG experts share their extensive knowledge and respond to audience questions on topics such as organization design and globalization. With approximately 1,100 archived recordings and an average of 20 to 25 new classes per month, BCGers have access to these classes at any time.

The CKA career path consists of tiers with increasing responsibility for those employees who wish to specialize in research, data management and analysis, tool development, and knowledge management to support BCG consulting teams globally and manage the firm's ever-increasing wealth of intellectual capital.

In addition to the range of career paths at BCG, we also have our Knowledge & Analytics mobility program, which provides high-performing knowledge experts the opportunity to gain international experience by spending four to six months abroad. Many firms only offer global mobility to their consultants. We believe that since Knowledge is a truly global organization within BCG, our program helps members forge relationships and expand our networks around the globe.

This investment in and focus on learning and development throughout our company allows our people to grow in ways beyond what they thought possible and deliver extraordinary value for our clients and our firm. As former BCG CEO Carl Stern once said, "BCG is the place where the best come to learn the fastest."

Knowledge & Analytics
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