Advanced Degree Application Process

BCG knows that advanced degree candidates bring a diverse skillset to our firm and thus can contribute to several different positions. We offer the following job opportunities for ADCs. Click on one of the three jobs below that interests you to learn more about the recruiting process. If you wish to learn more about each job, you can explore our careers page.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to ADC Recruiting team.

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Full-time Consultant

Generalist consultants work on varied projects across topics and industries analyzing problems, discovering insights, delivering recommendations, and making change happen for our clients. We hire across all advanced degree backgrounds and concentrations (PhD, MD, JD, postdoc, resident, practicing physician).

If you are interested in a full-time consultant role and intend to start in 2023, we strongly encourage you to apply to our full-time application deadline on July 11, 2022 at 11:59pm ET - CLICK HERE TO APPLY!

If you are looking to start in 2022, click here to apply and we will notify you of your application status in 2-3 weeks.

Learn more about the full-time application:

Consultant Intern

The recruiting season for summer 2022 internships has passed. We do not offer a US-based internship program for PhD/postdoc candidates. We encourage you to explore our Bridge to BCG program instead!

MD candidates who are looking to take a gap year from school and work at BCG are encouraged to explore our MD Scholar Program.

Our Greater China and Canadian offices offer internships for PhD candidates. Applications for our Canadian internship program are due each December. Greater China reviews applications on a rolling basis.

Learn more about the internship application:

GAMMA Data Scientist Consultant

Data scientists design and build powerful, analytics-based solutions in order to help our clients tackle their business problems. BCG GAMMA hires candidates with advanced degrees with excellent academic achievements in specific fields such as computer science, applied mathematics, statistics, machine learning, deep learning, operations research, etc. BCG GAMMA also looks for relevant experience in data science, Python, R and/or MATLAB.

We are currently accepting full-time applications for candidates looking to start full-time in 2022. Applications are being reviewed on a rolling basis and we encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible. Click here to apply!

Advanced Degree Application Process