Application process

If you are pursuing a Master’s degree, please apply using the following application links. You will be asked to provide a Cover Letter, your CV (resume) and to choose up to 3 office preferences (please provide your level of interest weighted by % for each office preference).

Internship Application

For an Associate level, click here.
(Internship duration varies from 10-12 weeks)
Eligibility varies from office to office

When applying:

  • Mark yes for “Are you currently pursuing a degree?” and list your current school under School Name then mark yes for “is this is your main school”
  • Mark Master, non-MBA under “Based on the order of the list below, which is the highest degree you have or are currently pursuing?
  • On the education history section please add and fill your current Master's program and your school.
    • If you are a CEMS student, please select the “CEMS Master” option as your degree in: Education → School/University → Degrees → Degree → CEMS Master
    • If you have taken the GMAT/GRE test, please include score on your CV.
    • For Germany, Austria and Switzerland, please include your transcripts.
    • For the London office, applications which pass an initial review are sent an online numerical test to complete, which is reviewed alongside each CV and Cover Letter. Please note, a high-test score does not guarantee an invite to interview as there are several elements included in the assessment.
    • Select up to three offices, in order of preference. For a complete list of offices please visit here. Please note some of our BCG offices recruit on a rolling basis year-round and some on local timelines
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