International Mobility

At BCG, the world is your office.

Every year, more than 25% of our consultants work outside their home country, taking on international jobs from Abu Dhabi to Zurich. And about half work on global teams led and staffed by BCGers from other parts of the world.

Working abroad can be life changing—exposing you to issues and ideas that ignite your curiosity and expand your comfort zone. You’ll experience business on a genuinely global scale and learn how to bring together people from different cultures to uncover insights that challenge the status quo.

BCG’s global footprint gives you the opportunity to work with and gain inspiration from diverse teams of fellow BCG professionals—spread across more than 90 locations in 50 countries.

Dream Big, But Key is to Ask and Pursue

BCG's Wendy Anderson shares how the mobility program allowed her to pursue personal aspirations while also expanding professional opportunities.

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The Adventures—and Career Advantages—of Working Abroad

BCG’s Katie Abouzahr on her experience moving with her husband and two little girls from London to Philadelphia—and how “moves like this create inflection points in how you live and see the world.”

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Four Things You Gain When You Leave Your Comfort Zone

BCG’s Simon Sprague transferred from London to the Summit, New Jersey, office as part of the firm’s Ambassador program. The transfer gave Simon a much broader range of case experiences than he had had before—and allowed him to travel across the US, from Alaska to Hawaii to New Orleans.

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Opportunities to Work Abroad

BCG offers a variety of mobility opportunities to meet your evolving personal and professional needs over the course of your career:

  • Cross-Office Projects. Join a team working on a short-term project—typically under six months—in another country. This gives you an opportunity to gain international experience without relocating.
  • Global Ambassador Programs. Select employees, with requisite experience, can participate in extended-stay assignments—usually one year—at other offices through one of our three Ambassador programs.
  • Transfers. Move to another city, country, or part of the world. Transfers often last one to two years, or can be permanent.
  • Secondments. Select employees can gain experience outside of BCG by working at one of our private-sector clients or for a global social-impact partner for typically up to one year.
  • Africa Talent Program. Exceptional candidates with strong ties to or interests in Africa may have the opportunity to spend one to two years at an office in the US or Europe, before joining one of our offices in Africa.

BCG has provided me with a wide range of international opportunities—first working abroad while based in New York and then spending a year at BCG in Prague.

Christina Garay
New York

The Moscow office has a great mix of people from diverse backgrounds and countries, and we regularly interact with other offices, travel to different countries, and work with multinational client teams.

Yana Kozlovskaya
BCG in Moscow

Thanks to BCG’s Global Ambassador Program, I have had the chance to live in Scandinavia and work for European clients. I have also been seconded to international organizations to work on global topics, such as supporting the World Economic Forum on sustainability in emerging markets.

Ming Teck Kong
Managing Director & Partner
BCG Life