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Our People

Women at BCG come from diverse backgrounds with widely varied interests and experience. We believe in the strength of the individual and the value we can gain from our differences. BCG supports female employees in whatever path they choose to follow.

Women of the Executive Committee

Six women serve as members of BCG’s Executive Committee, leadership roles that bring their unique perspectives, immense experience, and strong influence to the rest of the firm. Hear about their career paths and what keeps them at BCG.

The Freedom to Succeed

Sharon Marcil on Her Entrepreneurial Experiences at BCG

Sharon Marcil on Her Entrepreneurial Experiences at BCG

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Sharon Marcil on Her Entrepreneurial Experiences at BCG

One BCG, Many Paths

With more than 12,000 employees, BCG remains one cohesive firm with a strong sense of culture and values. Nonetheless, BCG’s entrepreneurial culture means there are many paths that women can take to find success in their careers—and satisfaction in their lives.

Meet some of the talented women who make up our team

Support for Women@BCG

At BCG, women at every level have the support and commitment of men at every level—partnerships and connections that drive the overall success of the firm.

As global leader of the People team, I believe that all diversity, including gender diversity, is critical to the success of our business, the impact we are able to achieve for our clients, and the satisfaction of our people. During my tenure as People chair, I have sought out ways to enhance programs that support our women (and men), including Flex, PTO, and Segment of One. Through my client work and as office lead, I have made it a personal priority to develop and grow women’s careers, and help position them for long-term success. I believe that supporting all BCGers, and structuring ways in which they can be and bring their best, is simply important and right.

Matt Krentz
Senior Partner & Managing Director, People Team Chair

In the Energy practice, we have introduced a special mentoring program, in which each of our female principals and project leaders has a personal career "sponsor" from the leadership team. We have gone from zero women partners in the practice to five, as well as one senior partner. But the most encouraging thing is that we have a very strong pipeline of women. We are also very active beyond BCG, promoting research that reveals the benefits of having more diversity and sharing best practices.

I am a believer and an advocate in the benefit of diversity—in the quality versus quantity dilemma—and that is why I am so relentless and zealous.

Iván Martén
Senior Partner & Managing Director, Vice Chairman, Energy Practice

In my experience, teams with a good gender mix encourage thoughtful discussion, avoid lazy thinking, create better atmospherics, and reach higher quality conclusions.

Ian Walsh
Senior Partner & Managing Director