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Podcasts from Women@BCG

How Diverse Leadership Teams Boost Innovation

Want to generate inventive new ideas that can win in the market? Build management teams comprised of people with the widest possible range of backgrounds and perspectives.

Listen to Partner and Managing Director Rocío Lorenzo and Women@BCG Fellow Katie Abouzahr as they discuss the relationship between diversity and innovation.

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Getting the Most from Your Diversity Dollars

Companies are investing, but gender diversity programs are not having the impact they should.

Listen to Senior Partner and Managing Director Matt Krentz and Women@BCG Fellow Katie Abouzahr as they discuss how companies can get a better return on their diversity dollars: by advancing proven measures and looking out for hidden gems and by avoiding overrated initiatives that drain the budget and don’t move the needle.

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Dispelling the Myths of the Gender “Ambition Gap”

Ambition is not a fixed attribute, nor is it impacted by the decision to become a parent. Ambition is nurtured—or damaged—by the daily interactions and opportunities women face in a company over time. CEOs and leaders can reinforce ambition in women by creating the right culture, thus improving the diversity—and success—of their leadership teams.

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How Millennial Men Can Help Break the Glass Ceiling

Millennial men make up a critical constituency, and companies should engage them in shaping family policies and to improve gender diversity.

Listen to Partner and Managing Director Michael Tan and Women@BCG Fellow Katie Abouzahr as they discuss the changes to the workplace that millennial men will bring, and the five ways companies can prepare to attract and retain top talent and improve the workplace for everyone.

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