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Topmanager müssen ihre Organisationen heute mehr denn je auf die Zukunft vorbereiten. Das BCG Henderson Institute unterstützt sie bei konzeptionellen, strategischen Überlegungen für morgen und nutzt dabei innovative betriebswirtschaftliche, technologische, wissenschaftliche und volkswirtschaftliche Ansätze. Lernen Sie die jüngsten Analysen des BHI zu wegweisenden Ideen kennen.

BHI Featured Insights

BHI Featured Insights

Leading Through the Crisis


Leadership Matters: When, How Much, and How?

How much impact do CEOs have on their firms? What differentiates top-performing CEOs? New research on the tenures of 7,000 CEOs worldwide reveals how much and how they affected their companies’ performance trajectories.


Lead Your Business Through the Coronavirus Crisis

COVID-19 is shaping up to be transformative to public health and the economy. On hbr.org, Martin Reeves, chairman of the BCG Henderson Institute, and colleagues explain why resilience continues to be the best answer to uncertainty.


BCG Henderson Institute

The BCG Henderson Institute is the Boston Consulting Group’s think tank, dedicated to exploring and developing valuable new insights from business, technology, economics, and science by embracing the powerful technology of ideas.

Lessons and Inspiration


Squaring the Circle

Leading Companies in a Contradictory World

What is the secret to good decision making when reality clashes with the traditional way of doing things?


Leading Out of Adversity

Survival is top of mind today for many companies, but thriving is the long game. That calls on leaders to respond to a new environment, a new customer, and heightened societal expectations. Here are five imperatives for adapting to and shaping the post-COVID world.


The Rise of the AI-Powered Company in the Postcrisis World

Shifts in global supply chains, changing consumption patterns, and the increasing prevalence of remote ways of working—trends that were underway long before the COVID-19 crisis—will accelerate. AI can help companies thrive in this new environment.


The Business Impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak underscores the need to be resilient in the face of transformative global risk.

Super-power Rivalries Exacerbated by Coronavirus Pandemic Offer India an Opportunity Super-power rivalries will create opportunities to replace China as a major supplier to the US and Japan. But first, we must survive. We can then re-imagine and thrive. Read the post >>

Janmejaya Sinha
Managing Director & Senior Partner; Chairman, India
Mumbai - Nariman Point

To Survive an Unprecedented Crisis like Coronavirus, Companies Need Wartime Leaders This particular crisis requires very different problem-solving approaches… Currently, we are in an ambiguous period, where we may see a resurgence of the disease, we need adaptive thinking. In the post-coronavirus world, we will need creative thinking. What we need now are ambidextrous leaders. Read the post >>

Martin Reeves
Managing Director & Senior Partner, Chairman of the BCG Henderson Institute
San Francisco - Bay Area

The COVID-19 Crisis Could Show Us How to Cure Our Congested Cities When the crisis ends, many of our old habits… will have changed. And the new habits we’re now building could help solve a long-standing problem no one has been able to solve to date: traffic congestion. Read the post >>

Joël Hazan
Managing Director and Partner, BCG Henderson Institute Fellow



What Coronavirus Could Mean for the Global Economy

A single number cannot credibly capture COVID-19’s economic impact, and a single approach will not resolve all the vast implications of the disease, argue BCG's Philipp Carlsson-Szlezak and colleagues on hbr.org.

AI and Digital Technologies

Deploying AI to Maximize Revenue - Rectangle

Deploying AI to Maximize Revenue

Companies must use AI not only to cut costs but also to generate more revenue by improving forecasting and making decisions in real time.

Aktuelle Analysen des BCG Henderson Institute