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BCG Gamma

The BCG Gamma team comprises world-class data scientists and business consultants who specialize in advanced analytics. BCG Gamma combines advanced skills in computer science, artificial intelligence, statistics, and machine learning with deep industry expertise.

The BCG Gamma team creates competitive advantages for organizations by unleashing the power of signals hidden deep within large and complex data sets. We conceptualize, build, and deploy advanced analytics solutions that can transform the trajectories of organizations in 12 to 24 months. Usually, companies realize the first direct impact four to six months after the projects begin. 

The data scientists, technologists, and consultants on the BCG Gamma team identify transformational opportunities in areas ranging from marketing, risk assessment, and customer service to manufacturing, supply chain management, scenario simulation, and competitive intelligence.

The BCG Gamma team operates globally from BCG’s North American, European, and Asian hubs.

The BCG Gamma Approach

BCG Gamma employs a four-step process that ensures measurable results:

  1. Build data ecosystems by aggregating, augmenting, and transforming internal and external sources of data. 
  2. Extract signals and insights using advanced analytics techniques, including clustering, simulation, prediction, scoring, optimization, and image- and natural-language processing. 
  3. Field-test and measure the value created. Learn and adjust. 
  4. Embed algorithms—including alerts, dashboards, and recommendation engines—into operating environments and transform processes with high-performance solutions.

Measurable Impact

BCG Gamma’s overarching goal is to enable companies to achieve meaningful business results. Our real-world successes include:

Expert Interview

Making the Most of Data Analytics

BCG's Sylvain Duranton discusses how the firm can help companies see real results from advanced data analytics by providing a combination of technical excellence and sector experience that will enable client teams on the ground.

Meet the BCG Gamma Team

Global Leadership

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Career Opportunities

We are seeking strong candidates with advanced analytics backgrounds to fill positions in data science and consulting. We recruit directly from universities for candidates with advanced degrees in data science. We also recruit professionals with experience managing analytics teams at leading corporations or with analytics services firms. BCG Gamma offers a unique opportunity to join a team of vibrant data scientists applying the most advanced analytics techniques in a rewarding environment.

BCG Gamma