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Me, Myself, and AI: A Podcast on Artificial Intelligence in Business

Why do only 10% of companies succeed with AI? For four years, BCG and MIT SMR have studied corporate adoption of artificial intelligence. The most recent research has found that 90% of organizations do not realize significant financial benefit from the technology. So, what are the other 10% doing right? Each episode of Me, Myself, and AI features a discussion with a leading practitioner helping his or her organization gain measurable value from AI.


Whether they work at a born-digital organization or (more often) a legacy company, our guests all have actionable insights to share. The series covers strategy, deployment, human-and-machine collaboration, and scaling. We also explore what first interested these leaders in AI, how they got to where they are today, and what keeps them excited about their field.

From Data to Wisdom: Novo Nordisk’s Tonia Sideri

Tonia Sideri, who leads Novo Nordisk’s AI and Analytics Center of Excellence, shares how her team partners with other business units to rapidly test new ideas before committing to technology projects.


Season Five

Episode 33: Inventing the Beauty of the Future: L’Oréal’s Stéphane Lannuzel

Stéphane Lannuzel, director of the Beauty Tech program at L’Oréal, joins the Me, Myself, and AI podcast to discuss how artificial intelligence technology enables innovation in the cosmetics industry.

Episode 32: Precision Medicine in Pharma: Sanofi’s Frank Nestle

The CSO and global head of research explains how Sanofi uses AI to discover and develop targeted therapies.

Season Four

Season Three

Season Two

Season One


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