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Organization is at the core of nearly everything we do at BCG. Armed with the right organization design, companies can change the trajectory of their businesses and deliver lasting competitive advantage.

At BCG, we believe in a simple rule of business: companies are most productive when they harness the intelligence of their employees to drive innovation. But many business leaders are unaware of how their organization model actually hampers agility, speed, cost-efficiency, and resilience.

What Does BCG Bring to Organization Clients?

Our organization consultants don’t use a traditional, top-down process to shape your organization for you. Rather, we work with you to ready your business for the future through new approaches, organization models, and tools that put the power of organization transformation in the hands of your leaders.

BCG is uniquely positioned to assist clients in creating the right organizational context: we recently ranked as best among market leaders on organization strategy consulting, earning top scores for depth of capabilities, breadth of capabilities, and client impact, according to ALM Intelligence. Our approach to organization consulting offers a clear path forward for executives who are faced with intensifying competition, evolving business models, and complex technologies.

Shaping the Future of Work

Common Types of Organization Change

There are as many types of organization change as there are organizations, but most of the transformation and organization change efforts we lead fall into several broad categories. We highlight a few of the most common types of change below.

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Organizing to Become Bionic

Organizations that aspire to lead their industry must deliver an end-to-end digital transformation to unlock new sources of economic value. But doing so takes more than technology alone. Top performers will combine new technologies with human capabilities to become what we call a bionic organization.

Even though many of the elements of bionic organizations are well known—artificial intelligence, digital talent, and platform-based software and services, for example—the organization management formula for melding human and technological capabilities is neither immediately evident nor easy to implement. We help companies build organization models that unleash the power of human creativity, deliver machine- and AI-augmented operations, and drive continuous innovation. This, in turn, helps clients enhance business value, lower costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

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Organizing for Simplification, Efficiency, and Agility

Many of today’s business organizations are vexed by internal complicatedness—a proliferation of cumbersome structures, processes, and systems. BCG’s Smart Simplicity approach helps companies manage the ever-increasing complexity that stifles an organization’s performance and growth. Our delayering and zero-based budgeting approaches also support large-scale transformation and organization change by freeing up resources to drive growth and innovation, allowing organizations to fundamentally change what they do and how they work. And we help companies achieve and embed agile transformation throughout their entire organization.


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Organizing for Post-Merger Integration (PMI)

The challenge of PMI—bringing together two structures, cultures, management groups, and sets of processes—is profoundly complex. In the past five years, we’ve helped major multinational companies complete more than 550 mergers and acquisitions—and our framework for a successful PMI has helped BCG clients boost the value they capture from their M&A deals by 9%.


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Organizing Shared Services and Support Functions

In a dynamic business landscape, shared services and support functions can give companies a critical advantage by enabling business and strategic functions to perform more effectively. We help large, complex organizations digitize their support functions and shared services so they can deliver extraordinary value for the business, enhance the employee and customer experience, and improve cost-efficiency.

To enable this shift, organizations must build dynamic platforms, position small and nimble agile teams on the frontlines, and embrace scalable processes and modular technology and data architecture. Our holistic approach for designing services and support functions has helped unlock significant benefits for our clients, including cost reductions of 20% to 40%.

BCG’s Featured Insights in Organization

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A New Operating Model for Digital Support Functions

Deploying digital at scale requires establishing global process owners, centers of excellence, and a customer- and business-centric culture.

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Unlocking the Value of Talent in PMI

Companies can maximize the value of large-scale mergers by proactively implementing a transparent, disciplined talent-selection process.

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When the Ground Shifts, It Pays to Be Agile

Agility at scale can move the needle on cost, speed, and resilience simultaneously.

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