Transformation Leads to Smooth Sailing

Long decision cycles, unclear responsibilities, limited empowerment, and low levels of collaboration were hampering the effectiveness and efficiency of a liner shipping company. Its headquarters was also weighed down by too many full-time employees. The company called on BCG for a 15-week organizational overhaul.

BCG worked with the company to conduct a comprehensive diagnostic of the client’s business to understand how it was structured and where the pain points were. The team mapped out a full-scale organization redesign, including 180 measures to capture design results. The project also included implementation planning and enablement. In addition, a project management office was set up to track progress.

Specific to the analysis, BCG documented the organization’s pain points using a Web survey, personal interviews, and an audit with board members. It also examined organizational logic, spans of control, activity mapping, and benchmarks.

Smaller Scope Keeps Client’s Business Afloat

BCG’s approach helped the client restructure for greater efficiency and cost effectiveness. Among the results: