A New Vision for Fighting Malaria

BCG collaborates with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to shift the world’s focus from controlling the disease to eradicating it.

Malaria is a deadly disease if left untreated. Spread by mosquitoes, it has proven to be one of the developing world’s most challenging health issues. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been combating the disease for well over a decade and in 2012 moved to update its overall strategy. The approach for eradication proposed focusing on how to deliver drug combinations that cure those who are sick and those who are asymptomatic but carry the parasite, and thus perpetuate the disease.

The foundation brought in BCG to help develop a strategic framework to support the initiative. This strategy defined clear goals for the program for the next seven years, supported teams to tackle individual initiatives, and articulated target results. The effort also focused on improving the delivery of anti-malarial drugs.

With BCG’s assistance, the foundation now has a strategic framework in place for the organization’s malaria team. BCG helped the team clearly define and articulate how it would use funding over the next seven years to push toward eradication. BCG also developed a project management tool to track progress.

Eradication of malaria will result in millions of lives saved and billions of malaria cases averted. In addition, billions of dollars will be saved due to averted costs for treatment and control measures.

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BCG’s Partnership With The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

BCG has partnered with the foundation since 2003, supporting its focus on health care, poverty, and education.

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