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Self-Driving Vehicles, Car Sharing, and the Urban Mobility Revolution

New automotive technologies and business models promise a transformative revolution on our city streets.

Automotive in Germany & Austria

Self-Driving Vehicles, Robo-Taxis, and the Urban Mobility Revolution

In welchem Ausmaß Großstädte einen Nutzen aus selbstfahrenden Fahrzeugen ziehen werden können, hängt wesentlich von dem Grad und der Geschwindigkeit der Kooperation unter vielen Playern im öffentlichen und privaten Sektor zusammen.

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What’s Ahead for Car Sharing?

Der Carsharing-Trend sollte OEMs im Automobilbereich dazu veranlassen, ihre Mission zumindest teilweise zu überdenken und mit neuen Mobility-Geschäftsmodellen zu experimentieren.

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The Center for Digital in Automotive

CDA verbindet die strategische und operative Expertise von BCG in der Automobil- und Mobilitätsindustrie mit dem Know-how von BCG Digital Ventures als Innovatoren und Gründer von Corporate-Ventures.


What Automotive Players Need to Know About Innovation

What makes an auto company stand out to today’s consumers? Innovation. Consumer research shows that auto customers consistently cite innovation—generally and in specific areas—as a major consideration in their purchase decision. Here are some questions OEMs need to answer when it comes to satisfying the growing consumer demand for innovation.

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Improving Indirect Functions

OEMs face critical challenges in ensuring flexible and efficient production. The optimization of indirect functions is critical to success.

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How Automakers Can Take Tighter Quality Turns

OEMs and suppliers can no longer afford to wait to react to the next quality problem. Now is the time to get ahead of these problems and transform quality into a source of competitive advantage.

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