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The travel and tourism industry is undergoing unprecedented changes. Globalization, deregulation, consolidation, and the rapid growth of e-commerce are opening new opportunities—even as they place additional demands on operational performance and profitability. The winning airlines, lodging companies, and travel distributors will be those that can transform their organizations, enhance global brands, and add game-changing digital capabilities to strengthen the loyalty of today's highly mobile and technologically savvy consumers.

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The Airline Industry

BCG’s Travel Recovery Insights Portal

Leaders in the travel ecosystem must decipher how and how quickly demand for air travel is returning. BCG’s travel portal gathers the information required to make well-informed decisions that support air-travel employees, customers, and shareholders.

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COVID-19 and the New Leadership Agenda

The COVID-19 outbreak underscores the need to be resilient in the face of transformative global risk.

Innovation in the Travel Industry


Why Travel Retail Needs an Upgrade

Passenger spending continues to fall. To reverse the decline, airports, airlines, retailers, and brands need to break out of their silos and join forces in a customer-focused ecosystem.

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