BCG's Approach to DevOps Helps Achieve Holistic Agile Transformation

We bring experience in defining and delivering DevOps at scale in complex environments. And we focus pragmatically on rapid, iterative delivery while keeping the longer-term vision in sight. Learn more.

BCG’s unique approach draws on our experience delivering DevOps projects across industries and company scenarios. We tap our deep knowledge and proven methodologies to customize DevOps diagnostics, implementation, and scaling throughout the IT organization. We look beyond the latest trendy tools to focus on the true drivers of value across the entire lifecycle of DevOps.

In a DevOps transformation, BCG can support the design and roll-out of a target operating model and technology roadmap equipped for DevOps. BCG teams can define the set of customized initiatives, prioritized by the value and impact delivered, required to bring DevOps to your specific infrastructure, tools, and application architecture. We help you assess the business trade-offs across agility, cost, and quality.

We bring experience in defining and delivering DevOps at scale in complex environments. And we focus pragmatically on rapid, iterative delivery while keeping the longer-term vision in sight.

To ensure success, BCG complements these initiatives with DevOps change management as well as sustainability measures such as a KPI dashboard for performance tracking of the DevOps transformation. 

Quick Assessment

BCG’s proprietary benchmarking will evaluate how your IT organization compares with that of your peers. The analysis identifies your organization’s readiness for DevOps, the capabilities that require the greatest investment, and concrete recommendations for action.

Sizing the Prize

Once we help you identify where you stand in the competitive landscape, we can help you develop the high-level business case for enhancing your organization through implementation of DevOps. In addition to quantifying the gains DevOps can deliver to you, BCG will help you understand the key risks and mitigating factors unique to adopting DevOps in your organization.

DevOps Target Operating Model

BCG helps you focus on the design and piloting of a DevOps-ready organizational structure, governance, workforce, and capability model as well as a comprehensive landscape of the processes required for success. Your unique Target Operating Model will include building feature teams—groups of cross-functional and cross-component employees who work on delivering features to end-to-end customers. Working in new ways and with updated role structures, the feature teams reduce inefficiencies and planning delays.

Automation Toolkit

BCG’s framework helps you assess and benchmark all the DevOps tools available so that you select the ones best suited to your unique organization. Tailoring your toolkit ensures that all your tools work in harmony with one another and with your company’s business capabilities, your existing technology and applications, and your needs in the covering the full lifecycle of software development.

Impact Monitoring and PMO

Our work doesn’t end when you deploy DevOps at your company. BCG’s KPI dashboard closely monitors the performance of—and opportunities for further improvements in—your technology set-up, your software, and your DevOps team. Working in collaboration with you, we continue evolving the DevOps platform, tapping proven mechanisms to ensure that you make progress and can roll out the approach throughout your organization. BCG provides assistance through training and change management efforts, and we help you develop and execute a roadmap for optimizing DevOps for your needs.

Full Transformation

The power of BCG’s DevOps components can be unleashed fully through an end-to-end implementation of your DevOps transformation. To ensure that the implementation and roll out of your organization’s pilots are successful, BCG’s DevOps PMO provides oversight while drawing on and sharing our institutional expertise. To develop the required application architecture, IT infrastructure, and entire ecosystem of tech and processes, BCG tailors your Target Operating Model and designs and implements a roadmap for technology and an automation toolkit. To make the new way of working both a sustained and sustainable approach, all of these activities are embedded in a change management approach.


In any phase of our offerings, we share our knowledge through a masterclass for your team. In a masterclass, a simulation of the DevOps transformation enables your employees to immerse themselves in—and understand—how the collaboration and inclusive automation of DevOps compares to and build on agile approaches.

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