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Make Your Business Digital

Going digital places new demands on a company’s traditional functional organizations. Companies need to rewire every part of the organization in order to take full advantage of the latest digital technologies and analytics.

Rewire the Core

Digital Customer Experience

It all starts with the customer. Digital transformation presents companies with the opportunity to recast the end-to-end customer experience and radically redesign customer pathways. BCG’s deep insights about digital consumers, both in the developed world and in emerging markets, help companies leverage digital technologies to create customer-centric business models.

Digital Go-to-Market

Another key challenge is leveraging the growing mass of customer data and advanced analytics techniques to transform a company’s all-important commercial functions of marketing, sales, and pricing. One way that BCG can help is through MSP Catalyst, a cloud-based toolkit that combines the depth and breadth of BCG’s consulting services with a powerful yet easy-to-use data-science software platform that can be customized to a company’s specific needs.

Digital Operations and Supply Chain

It’s called Industry 4.0—a fourth industrial revolution spurred by the application of digital technologies and advanced analytics to manufacturing processes and industry supply chains. BCG’s Innovation Centers for Operations include state-of-the-art shop floors that allow companies to prototype and test-drive their next-generation digital operations and supply chains.

Becoming Immersed in Industry 4.0

Transform the Organization

To master digital transformation, companies need to assess their digital maturity and embrace new ways of working such as “agile at scale” processes that delivery agility and innovation on a large scale. They also need to embed new digital-savvy skills at every level of the organization—perhaps most important in a company’s in-house IT organization.