Immersive Digital Experiences

Our centers offer the digital tools, technology, applications, and experts required to execute a digital transformation. Each session creates an immersive and memorable experience.

DigitalBCG Immersion Centers are where we bring together the complete spectrum of BCG’s diverse digital competencies. From digital business strategy, to data science and analytics, to enterprise technology architecture, our integrated experience enables business leaders to engage with and co-create their digital transformation journeys.

Our global centers provide focused, digitally-enabled workspaces to give clients the opportunity to step away from their offices and discover new avenues for digital disruption, coordinate with the right multidisciplinary teams, and experience new ways of working. These centers not only provide a memorable experience; they are a resource with which to accelerate client digital transformations and build digital capabilities.

The Purpose of Our Centers

Use of our centers is tailored to meet the digital transformation needs of our clients’ businesses, meaning no two sessions will look exactly alike.

Our centers are designed to inspire thoughtful, transformative digital initiatives. They create a space for innovation and engagement, with new ways of working and digital tools. The sessions described below engage specialists, innovators, leaders, and executives at every stage of the digital transformation journey to realize new, long-lasting value for our clients.


Collaborative Expert Teaming

We work hand-in-hand with clients in our centers, utilizing our spaces to bring in experts from all digital disciplines relevant to each client. In addition to using our centers to host digital workshops, we also use them to house and enable client collaboration with our digital staff (e.g. data scientists, developers, designers, and IT strategists), and to host teaming space for ongoing digital projects. Interacting with these experts and teams during a visit can lead to deeper understanding and lasting impact.


Hands-On Discovery

Our centers use thoughtful design and technology where it matters to enable clients to immerse themselves in digital topics in interactive ways. We are constantly evolving and advancing the content we use with clients in centers to not only bring digital topics and impact potential to life, but also to experience what these mean for each client situation in an engaging way.


Action-Oriented Agendas

Digital workshops are designed with our executive clients' business contexts in mind. Together, we uncover the digital potential for organizations, revealing an array of possibilities and actionable steps to take on transformative digital journeys.

Center Locations

Our DigitalBCG Immersion Center locations include Bangalore, New York, Paris, Silicon Valley, and Shenzhen.

These global centers will leverage BCG’s other digital-focused locations, among them:

  • Our Innovation Centers for Operations, which highlight Industry 4.0 and other digital applications in operations; centers are located in France, Germany, Singapore, and the US
  • Our Digital Ventures innovation centers, where a diverse range of entrepreneurs, technologists, strategic thinkers, designers, and engineers build businesses and new technologies. We have centers in Manhattan Beach, New York, London, Berlin, Tokyo, and Sydney.
  • Our MAYA Design center, a digital design and innovation lab, based in Pittsburgh.

Meet the Experts at DigitalBCG's Immersion Centers

Global center program leadership

  • Leads BCG’s Global DigitalBCG Offer
  • Retail banking economics and revenue pools
  • Wealth management
  • Direct-banking strategy
  • Leads BCG’s global work in shipping
  • Benchmarking initiatives for shipping
  • Container exchange platform xChange
  • Freight forwarding



Silicon Valley

New York

Immersive Digital Experiences