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Different Industries, Different Digital Solutions

Every industry confronts the digital imperative. But how it plays out and the degree of impact it has on competitive advantage will vary widely depending on the specific sector. The winners will be those companies that combine traditional industry expertise with a deep understanding of the disruptive potential of the latest technologies. Consider, for example, the auto industry.


New technologies, new offerings, and new players are transforming the industry’s core value proposition. Soon, the industry will create far more than modes of transportation. It will provide mobility services, entertainment spaces, and the software-driven, artificially intelligent autonomous vehicles of the future. That’s why BCG has created the Center for Digital in Automotive to help industry leaders navigate these massive changes.

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Consumer & Retail

Consumer and retail companies are adapting to digital disruption and using advanced analytics to enhance the online and in-store customer experience. Consider, for example, the travel and tourism sector.

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Energy systems, a critical infrastructure for modern society, are being transformed by smart grids, small-scale power generation, mobile use monitoring, and digital apps that redefine the retail customer experience. Utilities and other players in the industry need a digital program to keep pace with the new opportunities.

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Financial Institutions

Digital transformation is reshaping customer behavior and expectations in banking. Banks must adopt innovative design practices, reengineer their processes, and apply digital technology and process robotics to make the customer journey simultaneously responsive and efficient. BCG’s Center for Digital in Financial Services guides companies through such comprehensive digital overhauls.

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Health Care

Technology and big data have enormous potential to transform health care for the better, improving how clinicians deliver care, how pharma companies design and develop drugs, and how medtech companies innovate new products.

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Industrial Goods

Auto isn’t the only industrial sector facing digital transformation. Digital technologies and analytics are changing other “old economy” sectors such as mining, transportation, and machinery and components. BCG’s Center for Digital in Industrials partners with companies across these sectors to implement the strategic application of new technologies and advanced analytics.

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Insurance consumers want a faster, simpler, and more intuitive experience across a range of platforms and products tailored to their individual needs. To win in the digital age, companies need to improve their digital fitness by building new customer-centric business models, digitizing distribution and operations, and leveraging the latest in advance analytics.

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Media & Entertainment

Media and entertainment was among the first sectors to experience the disruptive effects of digital technologies. How can traditional media companies best navigate the shift from print to online media?

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Public Sector

In a world where the effective and efficient delivery of public services is critical, governments are upping their digital game.

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Digital challengers are threatening to upend the transportation industry. Traditional companies must assess their digital maturity and target the weaknesses they uncover. They must capitalize on digital opportunities to create new revenue streams and enhance their current business models

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