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Setting the Direction

What Digital Champions Do Differently

Digital champions outperform laggards by boosting performance in three key ways: they invest, assign more people to digital roles, and embed digital capabilities in the business.

The Double Game of Digital Strategy

Powered by exponential forces, digital disruption requires executives to make the most of today’s contests while positioning themselves to win tomorrow’s.

Organizing for Digital

Designing Digital Organizations

Successful digital companies make explicit design changes in five dimensions of their businesses: customer experience, product and service offerings, ecosystems, control and alignment mechanisms, and ways of working.

How Digital Can Turbocharge Shared Services

New technologies such as artificial intelligence and cognitive computing won’t be the death knell for SSOs, as some fear. Instead, they will bring an urgently needed upgrade.


Cyberresilience—the ability to deter and withstand cyberattacks—is critical to our clients and their strategic ambitions.

Digitalizing the Core

Mobile Marketing and the New B2B Buyer

B2B mobile leaders are already building stronger, deeper, and more lasting customer relationships that will make it difficult for laggards to regain lost ground.

Thinking Outside the Blocks

Two complementary technologies—blockchain and digital tokens—give data the continuity of physical assets and help solve the challenges of digital identity and trust. And they have the potential to wipe out the middleman across a wide swath of industries.

Artificial Intelligence

Putting Artificial Intelligence to Work

We are in the Cambrian era in the development of artificial intelligence. Here’s a practical guide for introducing and spreading AI within large organizations.

Powering the Service Economy with RPA and AI

These two complementary technologies are the brawn and brains of performance. Companies can gain quick wins through RPA while strategically introducing AI for sustainable benefits.

More on Artificial Intelligence

AI has entered the business world. What happens next?

Industry Perspectives

Profiting from Personalization

Brands that create personalized experiences for customers are already seeing rapid revenue increases. The 15% of companies that really get personalization right will capture a disproportionate share of future profits.