Career Opportunities

We are seeking strong candidates with advanced analytics backgrounds to fill positions in data science consulting. We are also seeking software engineers to join our engineering team. GAMMA engineering is building the next generation of analytics tools and data science approaches for GAMMA and our clients.

We recruit candidates directly from universities, and we also look for professionals with experience managing analytics or engineering teams at leading corporations or at analytics services firms.


BCG GAMMA offers a unique opportunity to join a world-class team applying the most advanced analytics techniques in a rewarding environment. You will find positions for our engineering team under “Specialized Roles."

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BCG GAMMA offers a unique opportunity to join a world-class team applying the most advanced analytics techniques in a rewarding environment. We have offices in more than 30 cities around the world.

Career Paths

Data Science Team

Data Scientists and Senior Data Scientists. Data scientists and senior data scientists design and build analytics solutions for our clients when data and analytics are at the heart of the question. The team interaction centers on the use of statistical programs and other tools to conduct intensive analysis of objective data and open discussion, complemented by objective research into the competitive environment. 

Lead Data Scientists and Associate Directors. Lead data scientists and Associate Directors work closely with BCG partners to drive our company’s growth. They are expected to be recognized experts in data science and to manage teams of data scientists in order to build innovative new products and analytics solutions. Lead data scientists and associate directors also take a larger and more proactive role in shaping the strategy of BCG GAMMA—and of BCG overall. Additionally, they are responsible for a large portion of client relationship management for the analytics effort.

Engineering Team

Lead AI Software Engineers and Associate Directors. Lead AI software engineers and associate directors are bridging the gap between business and engineering, and functioning with deep expertise in both worlds. As strong engineering leader and experts in building complex systems, they are responsible for transforming how we use technology to increase the performance of our clients. They are experienced at guiding the implementation of large and scalable AI software platforms and products by leading several implementation and data science teams.

AI Software Engineers and AI Senior Software Engineers. AI software engineers and AI senior software engineers design, develop and implement enterprise grade AI software solutions with clients. They bring bleeding edge data science models into production together with a highly multi-disciplinary team. They build market leading solutions and make them key enablers for BCG GAMMA and our clients.

Advanced Analytics Team

Geoanalytics Analyst. You will be solving a variety of location-based analytical problems for our clients. You will use your knowledge of geospatial data analytics while employing a variety of tools, such as GIS, Python, and visualization platforms.

Optimization Analyst. You will use your background in operations research, industrial engineering, mathematics, and computer science to solve supply chain optimization problems, such as network optimization, inventory and safety stock optimization, vehicle routing, and transportation problems spanning various industries.

Predictive Analyst. You will be responsible for generating business insights from data. You will use your skills in machine learning, data mining, data visualization, and data analytics to create effective business plans for our case teams.

Automation & Programming Analyst. You will focus on ensuring that our case teams have a range of robust, effective, and dynamic tools at their disposal. You will use your knowledge of Python, Java, and other programming languages to handle a variety of projects in web development, UI design, and quantitative analytics.

Data Engineer. You will be the go-to resource for understanding our clients’ problems through data gathering and analysis. You will use your background in big-data problem solving to collect, analyze, and present findings and solutions.

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