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Lean & Manufacturing

How to Enable Efficiency in Times of High Uncertainty

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How do you add value and competitive advantage by removing waste throughout the manufacturing process? That’s the lean challenge. Success requires committed leadership and a well-led, well-trained workforce with clear objectives. It also means developing networks and standards that support and enable a company’s strategies. When those strategies enable efficiency in an environment of high uncertainty, then costs drop, quality improves, cycle times shorten, and productivity rises.

New design principles and digital technologies are profoundly changing industrial production, giving rise to "the factory of the future." The first manufacturers that transition to full-scale adoption will usher in a new era of industrial operations.

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Gaining competitive advantage through lean practices is a three-step journey: understanding lean and where you are, optimizing or implementing your customized lean production system, and improving and sustaining performance over the long term. Our Lean Enablement Centers help companies get real results.

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When CAPEX spending ran high, this consumer goods company turned to lean to manage costs, inventory, and productivity.

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Ravi Srivastava

Managing Director & Senior Partner

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