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The Digital Future Is Now

When it comes to the digital transformation of business, the future is now. Companies across the economy are using digital technologies and advanced analytics to unlock new sources of economic value and achieve step-function improvements in productivity, flexibility, and speed.

Digital Impact

Facing Your Unique Digital Imperative

Facing Your Unique Digital Imperative

Malakoff Médéric's Journey to Becoming a Truly Data-Driven Insurer

How Digitization Is Giving Consumers Control over Their Identity

How Digitization Is Giving Consumers Control over Their Identity

Kronos’ Successful SaaS Transformation

Kronos’ Successful SaaS Transformation

Facing Your Unique Digital Imperative

The biggest impact of the digital future is its capacity to transform a company’s strategic vision and ambition. By leveraging digital technologies, companies can achieve more and do it faster than ever before. With new ambitions, however, come challenging questions.  

What Does Digital Mean for Your Business?

Set Your Priorities

Identify your digital starting point by benchmarking your company against best-in-class digital leaders.

Rewire Your Operations

Apply digital technologies to your manufacturing processes and supply chains.

How Do You Develop Digital Skills and Capabilities?

Embrace Agile—at Scale

Implement a more nimble way of working that that gets you closer to customer value and shortens time to market.

Build Your Technology Platform

Use next-generation IT architectures to build digital-ready tech functions.

Who Can Help Speed Your Digital Transformation?

DigitalBCG combines BCG’s traditional strategic acumen and in-depth industry insight with the latest in data, digital, and technology capabilities. We help businesses create digital value and build the capabilities they need to own the digital future, today.

Our Latest Thinking: Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity and business strategy should be linked at every level, from the board and C-suite, to individual people, processes, and systems.

The Build-or-Buy Dilemma in AI

Companies must build internal capabilities as well as work with vendors in ways that strengthen, rather than sacrifice, competitive advantage.

The Reimagined Car

Automotive innovation shows no signs of hitting the brakes. Forward-looking automakers and suppliers are building a new world of mobility that will change lives and reinvent the industry.

Tom Reichert

Senior Partner & Managing Director; Global Leader, Digital and Analytics; Chair of the Practice Areas

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