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Impact in Asia-Pacific

Explore a few highlights of our local partnerships in the communities where we live and work.

Exploring Public Policy Innovations with the China Development Forum

The China Development Forum meets annually to share ideas about advancing China's economic and business development. The forum was founded in 2000 by China's Development Research Center of the State Council. All research and reports presented at the forum are shared with China's top government leaders—and become reference books for the nation's ministers and their staffs. 

In 2015, BCG partnered with the forum to analyze China's outbound M&A deals of the past decade and identify the key challenges—and their drivers—encountered by Chinese enterprises. To help Chinese enterprises decipher obstacles that may arise in M&A efforts, BCG published the report Catching the Next Wave of Outbound M&A

In 2014, BCG partnered with the forum to examine the effect of Chinese reforms addressing the distribution, efficiency, and profitability of state-owned enterprises (SOEs). We recommended policy changes in the report Developing Mixed Ownership Structures and Modern Enterprise Systems.

Also in 2014, BCG partnered with the forum to formulate goals for transforming and upgrading of industries within the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei (Jing-Jin-Ji) region, an important political, cultural, and technological hub as well as the largest key economic development zone in northern China. We provided detailed plans for implementation and policy suggestions in the report Industrial Transformation and Upgrading of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei (Jing-Jin-Ji) Region.

Paving the Way for Ongoing Development in India with CII

CII (The Confederation of Indian Industry) is a business association of more than 7,200 members. It works to create and sustain an environment conducive to development in India. 

BCG has supported CII as its knowledge partner since 2010. We have worked alongside them in their role consulting and advising partners in Indian industry, government, and civil society. 

In one of our 2014 collaborations, we hosted a breakfast session at the World Economic Forum in partnership with the CII. The well-attended session, "The India that Prime Minister Modi Wants to Build," featured Indian Minister of Finance, Information, and Broadcasting Arun Jaitley. 

The breakfast session highlighted findings from CII's 13th Manufacturing Summit, which BCG supported as a knowledge partner. The theme of the November 2014 summit was "Making 'Make in India' a Reality." It featured analysis and recommendations from Make in India: Turning Vision into Reality, the report published jointly by CII and BCG. In the report, we take a hard look at the government's ambitious "Make in India" program and at what it would take to make it a reality and transform India into a global leader in the manufacturing sector.

Transforming School Quality and Outcomes in India

The public schools in the Indian state of Haryana rank in the nation's bottom quartile in learning outcomes. But in August 2013, the state embarked on a several-year journey of quality improvement that is expected to catapult Haryana to one of the top five state school systems in India. 

BCG is helping navigate this journey. We are playing the role of a backbone organization, providing design, analytical, and change management support. Our local teams are assisting in developing and implementing a roadmap for the long term: sustainable transformation of the schools' education quality. 

Ultimately, the project will affect 2.6 million students in 15,000 public schools. 

BCG and the state have completed the design phase, and implementation is well under way. Several early wins include testing a remedial program in approximately 300 schools that will be scaled up to 3,000 schools in the 2015 to 2016 school year, completing a statewide census assessment of more than 600,000 students in grades 3 and 5 to craft a baseline for the state, reforming the school monitoring process, merging 800 small-scale schools, implementing a training program for school leaders and teachers, and reorganizing the main academic body of Haryana. 

The program is beginning to attract national and international attention. Teams from other states in India as well as other countries are visiting the state to study and learn from the program.

Empowering Indigenous Australians Through Jawun

Jawun, a corporate-community partnership in Australia that BCG helped establish 15 years ago, tackles the problems confronting Australia’s indigenous people. 

Across all dimensions—including life expectancy; health; employment; and school attendance, completion, and achievements—the outcomes for indigenous Australians fall drastically short of those for non-indigenous Australians. 

BCG works with indigenous community organizations and their leaders and with Jawun to advance economic and social development for the indigenous populations. We also help those organizations and leaders develop their own capabilities. We do this every year through a mix of conducting projects in remote Australia and the cities, seconding staff, and supporting mentoring. 

Recently, with bipartisan encouragement from Australia's political leaders, we supported eight indigenous regions from across Australia, helping them work collaboratively over 18 months to create a blueprint for radically changing the way indigenous Australia and government interact. The blueprint Empowered Communities draws on lessons learned over 15 years to close the performance gap and improve the lives of many.

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