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BCG in Society

Our ability to create change with our ideas, and orchestrate it despite enormous complexity, is truly powerful. BCG's commitment to society is as important now as ever, and so is our aspiration to change the world.

—Rich Lesser, BCG president and CEO

BCG's founder, Bruce Henderson, was fond of quoting Archimedes: "Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the world." Today at BCG, we live Bruce's vision.

Every day, we bring the best of BCG—our business expertise and capabilities—to the organizations shaping the global economic, political, and social agendas and spearheading critical advancements in our society. 

Whether we're working with our partners to mobilize shared expertise or to develop their organizational strengths and more effective solutions, these collaborations are making real progress toward solving the world's most pressing challenges. 

In 2015, BCG completed approximately 300 social impact projects, collaborating with approximately 150 leading local, regional, and global organizations to increase their efficiency and effectiveness—and ultimately their impact. 

In addition, over the past ten years, many current and former BCG employees have been selected to join prestigious partner communities—among them, more than 30 WEF Global Shapers, more than 20 WEF Young Global Leaders, 10 WEF Global Agenda Council members, and nearly 45 TED@BCG speakers.

BCG in Society