The Pricing Suites

Catalyst helps companies uncover new opportunities for sustainable competitive advantage, profitability, and growth—and then guides them through an action plan.

What it Can Do for You

Companies that partner with BCG to enhance their pricing capabilities now have a powerful tool at their disposal. Catalyst performs sophisticated pricing analysis and boils down complex data into actionable insights. The software continues to provide guidance as you work with our experts to execute a new pricing strategy.

Catalyst's pricing suites are fully customizable, delivering the information most crucial to your unique organization. And the software will drive impact well into the future.



Net Revenue Management

These eight tools help you optimize prices and promos, identify new profit areas, improve mix management, and sharpen your overall NRM program.

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Business to Business

These applications identify areas of pricing opportunity for B2B companies, set pricing and discount guidelines relative to customer willingness to pay, and manage all pricing activities up through sales quotation.

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Financial Institutions

This suite provides financial services companies with the insights and tools they need to assess customer value, understand purchasing patterns, and develop optimized quotes to drive sustainable growth.

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  • Cloud-based platform to process big data
  • Powerful advanced analytics engine to build pricing models
  • Intuitive visualization tools for interactive visuals
  • Scenario models for pricing moves
  • Workflow management system to effectively manage pricing decisions and approvals
  • Long-term pricing enablement that continues to drive insights and impact well after the engagement with BCG has ended


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